Story County Treasurer Ted Rasmusson isn’t up for re-election until 2022, but he’s hoping that his upcoming Harvest Party fundraiser, with a focus on casual conversations about the county and on the county’s farming landscapes, can be an annual event.

The event, the 2nd Annual Harvest Party, will take place on Ramusson’s family farm on 680th Avenue in Nevada on Saturday, Nov. 16.

“I not only want to put the ‘fun’ in fundraiser, but also bring back an appreciation for the farms and farming community that I remember being surrounded by as a kid,” Rasmusson said. “With Ames and Iowa State University, a lot of people may not get to experience the more rural parts of the county, and the farms that have been a staple of Story County.”

Rasmusson said that the fundraiser was motivated by his 2018 campaign, when he often brought his 5-year-old daughter to various meet-and-greets and fundraisers, and saw a lack of entertainment options for families and kids.

Last year, the event battled intermittent rain, but involved activities for children and families. The fundraiser also invited attendees to bring a shelf stable food item, to benefit the local food bank, Nevada Community Cupboard.

“I think you change the setting, change the atmosphere, you can take out a lot of anxiety in politics that exist, in national politics at least,” Rasmusson said. “This is a great opportunity for people to come out and experience a more relaxed setting and also get updates on what’s going on in the various county offices.”