We sent reporters to caucus sites across Ames and Story County. We talked to caucus-goers, and here is whatyour friends and neighbors had to say about the candidates and the process of the Iowa Caucuses. As of early Tuesday morning, the Iowa Democratic Party had yet to release any results because of problems with the counting system for Monday’s caucuses.

Robert Hauenstein, 31, of Huxley, caucused for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“He really speaks to the issues that are important to me like health care, which is even more important right now with a broken leg, equality, climate change, all those are overarching issues that are growing out of control in our society and are better in heck in other societies,”

Stephanie Brown, 31, of Huxley, is a veteran who said she’s a former Republican who caucused for Pete Buttigieg.

“He stood out to me because first, he’s extremely eloquent. My husband and I actually came over from the Republican Party, but in 2012 we voted Independent. Pete is able to speak to both sides of the aisle and he’s able to see real needs that have to be addressed, like with the VA.”

Renee Klaus, a former Cory Booker supporter, caucused at Stephens Auditorium in Ames, and was undecided but hoped to generate viability for Tom Steyer.

“I feel Steyer is a man who has stood by what he’s been saying,” Klaus said. “We’re trying to build some viability for (Steyer), and I think we can swing some undecideds to our side.”

Katlyn Matthews, an Iowa State University junior, who caucused at Stephens Auditorium.

“It was pretty confusing. I feel like finding my precinct was hard, and then when I did, registering was harder.”

Nicholas Sagers, 20, caucused at Stephens Auditorium, where he stood under a dim exit sign wondering which group to join.

“This is the most symbolic form of democracy. It’s kind of cool to see where people head, such as my faculty members and some of my friend. It’s a very open process.”

Nick Ridler, 29, Maxwell, caucused for Bernie Sanders at the American Legion post in Maxwell.

“Bernie’s kind of a one in a lifetime candidate. We don’t get someone willing to stand up to power like him. He’s proven it his whole life.”

Jerry Law, 74, Maxwell said he has caucused “every time there is one.”

“We have a divided house, she’s (his wife) interested in Biden. I just plain can’t…I can’t really feel that I can vote for somebody older than me. I guess Biden’s my age, so I’m sorry for him.” “Bernie had heart trouble, I’ve always voted for Bernie but Bernie had heart trouble this year and I think that’d be too much stress, myself.”

“I just hope something can be done for our country because we’re losing ground fast, and it’s hurting.”

David Fincham, of Ames, a Republican who caucused at City Church on Oakwood Road in Ames, said he’s “been a Trump supporter from the very git-go.”

“The man has not disappointed me one bit. I want to keep the economy going strong which I think he is capable of doing.”