Wava Joan Peters of Bedford, Texas, died peacefully on May 6, 2013, aged 86, after a prolonged illness. She was born in Wilton, Iowa, on March 28, 1927, one of three children of Ernest and Ada (Jipp) Brammeier. She graduated from Wilton High School at age 17, and took a job with RCA Communications in San Francisco, receiving and transmitting WWII radio transmissions in Morse code.

She married in San Francisco, and within three years returned with her family to Iowa to farm. She was active in the Lutheran Human Relations Association program, which provided opportunities for disadvantaged Chicago youth to experience farm life.

She later had administrative positions in St. Louis and Nashville, where she spent 10 years as the office manager for a law firm. She worked from 1983 until her retirement in 1999 at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, first in the contextual education department, and then as administrative assistant to the Deans of the Seminary.

Wava is survived by her four children Racy Peters of Nashville, Tennessee, Dorian Nelson of Mill Valley, California, Tony Peters of Ivanhoe, Texas, and Nola Peters of Crockett, California; 12 grandchildren (Daphne Rickard, Hillary Peters, Lindsay Peters, Whitney Peters, Gabriel Nelson, Anthony Nelson, Oliver Peters, Indigo Peters, Jesse Peters, Casey Cummesky, David Sandoval, and Laura Chapman); and 11 great-grandchildren (Mateyo Nelson, Daniela Chapman, Anna Grace Chapman, Madonna Rose Chapman, Thomas "Jack" Chapman, Kendall Rickard, Alex Rickard, Elijah Peters, Tobias Peters, Josephine Peters, and Benjamin Peters).

She was an accomplished cook, gardener and horseback rider, and she loved to play the flute. We cannot count the number of times we have heard, "Everybody Loves Wava!" She is cherished and remembered by her grateful children for her unwavering, loving support.

Memorial Service arrangements are pending.