CHICAGO — Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh will take his team back to Europe next spring to practice, and to learn.

The Wolverines, who went to Rome last spring, has a trip planned for 2018 that will include stops in Paris, Normandy and London.

"It's a chance," Harbaugh said, "to put the college back in college football."

The extravagance of taking such a trip isn't a concern to Harbaugh. It's about education, he said during Tuesday's session of Big Ten football media days.

"Yeah, we applied some things to football," he said. "We had three really good practices over there. It was very interesting to watch our team do six hours of sightseeing one day where we're walking through old Rome and then in the afternoon we're at the Colosseum, at the Forum, and you learn so many things along the way. Colosseum has been around for 600 years, it's been active for 600 years. Around here, 30, 40 years as a stadium and they tear it down. Amazing, really."

Harbaugh was impressed how his team handled the sightseeing along with their workouts.

"As I said, the best thing was doing it as a group because we pushed ourselves," he said. "We pushed ourselves to not take any breaks, to see as much as we could see, connect with as many people as we could possibly connect with and that was ... I could keep going, I could go on and on there. But it was outstanding."

NO MORE TWO-A-DAYS: The new NCAA rule that bans two-a-day practices during training camp has bothered some coaches.

Harbaugh said he understood why the rule was made.

"It just makes all the sense in the world," he said. "There's really nobody having three-a-days anymore or two-a-days anymore. Residents in hospitals don't do sleep depravation anymore. Pilots have to sleep ten hours, I think, before each flight. It's just everybody is doing it that way. Even the military doesn't have sleep deprivation and three-a-days, et cetera. So I'm all for it.

"And they get a day a week of rest. I think everybody deserves that. Especially people that are playing a sport like football or training in high intensity type of sport. I think the body does need a day of rest and recovery."

ONLY ONE FOCUS: Every coach talks about "one game at a time," but Penn State coach James Franklin took it to a different level, and it came during a question about whether his school would extend its rivalry series with Pittsburgh.

"We open the season against Akron, and I would love to talk about Akron and Akron and Akron and Akron and Akron and not get ahead towards any other games," Franklin said. "The only thing I'll say is I think you guys know as well as we do the way scheduling works. I think our schedule is set through 2026 or something like that. We're excited about the teams we're going to play this year. It starts with Akron, and we'll go from there from that point after that."

AND DON'T ASK HIM TO PLAY ON FRIDAY NIGHT: Franklin said Penn State won't be one of those Big Ten schools who will play a nonconference game on a Friday night.

The conference's plan to have games, mostly nonconference games, on Fridays as part of the new television package was met with much criticism.

The Nittany Lions won't be involved.

"We came out earlier when that discussion was going on, and what I loved was it was something that the Big Ten was discussing, but each school had their ability to kind of have their own opinion on how they would handle it as well," Franklin said. "So it's not something that we're looking to do.

"Friday is for high school and Saturday is for college and Sunday is for NFL. And it's worked out that way for a long time and it worked out really well. Each level complements the next. It's something we believe in strongly and it's sacred, and that's how we continue to see it going to the state of Pennsylvania and specifically Penn State."