Story Theater Movie of the Week for July 29-31

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

In the heart of Manhattan, a pampered terrier, Max, has an ideal relationship with his adopted owner, Katie, in the animated hit The Secret Life of Pets (rated PG for mild humor, with a running time of 90 min., will be shown this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 29, 30, 31, at the historic Story Theater in Story City). Until big-hearted Katie brings home another rescue-a giant, fluffy, unruly mongrel named Duke. Max is stunned when Katie tells him Duke’s his new brother, especially when Duke immediately takes liberties with Max’s toys and bed, assuming that he and his new brother are going to share this comfortable life together.

As insecure Max tries to hold on to his turf, Duke- who’s really a sweet dog that’s been through rough times-doesn’t understand Max’s rebuff and feels anxious that Max is trying to get rid of him. The one thing Duke knows is that he can’t go back to the pound from which he just barely escaped.

This conflict escalates out into the streets, eventually landing them locked up in an animal control van and on their way to the pound. But when an adorable, deranged, bunny named Snowball-who’s the leader of a gang of former pets abandoned by their owners, who call themselves the Flushed Pets-breaks into the van to rescue one of his gang, Max and Duke see their chance and negotiate their freedom but When Max’s owner leaves each day, he sits and waits for her to return. Gidget, his neighbor across the way, has a very busy day, too.

In exchange, Snowball demands that they serve him in his army of Flushed Pets and live with them in their lair in the sewers-plotting revenge on the humans that abandoned them. Once Snowball discovers Max and Duke have an owner they love and live in the lap of luxury, he unleashes his gang to pursue them throughout New York City. Forced to tap into their primal instincts to survive, these unlikely new brothers must navigate the wilds of the urban jungle and make it home safe…all before Katie returns.