Looking Back in Story City

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

100 Year Ago

November 1913

Adolph Hemness had his finger badly crushed in a sewing machine at Holm’s harness shop last week (from the Nov. 5 issue).

Cornelius Hanson is making some record at picking this year. He has averaged about 135 bushels a day, with a top mark of 152.

The cornerstone of the new Old People’s Home was laid last Friday (Oct. 30).

The Ladies Fashion Shop had its opening last Friday (Oct. 30). Nellie Charlson and Helen Larson are the clerks.

Helmer Nibe broke his leg when a wagon load of corn passed over his limb.

Lester Hoversten had his leg badly injured one day last week (from Nov. 5 issue) when a horse stepped on his foot.

A crowd of young people enjoyed a Halloween party at the Nels Nelson home Friday night (Oct. 30).

Members of the Evangelical Y.P.A. held a Halloween party Friday night (Oct. 30) at the home of Mrs. Mary Hughes.

Mrs. Martin Johnson’s two little children took a buggy ride alone while visiting here from Randall. The horse was stopped northwest of town by Henry West.

Mrs. Eli Olson enjoyed a visit Tuesday (Nov. 11) from her old school friend Marie Fredericksen, missionary to China.

Andie Jacobson was thrown from a plow last Thursday (Nov. 20) and seriously injured his back.

The C.L. Dale family has moved here from Gilbert to their new home in the hospital addition.

F.A. Fuller had three blowouts and three punctures on his auto trip to Lake City last week (from the Nov. 30 issue).

B.J. Sevde had his arm broken in a collision with a fast freight train on the Northwestern Friday night (Nov. 24).

Lydia Nordskog writes in an interesting letter from California, in which she says whenever she gets lonesome for Story City she goes over to visit the John Molstres and D.S. Olsons.

90 Years Ago

November 1923

Burglars were busy lately, with Maxwell, Huxley and Gilbert reporting thefts. The local community congress is taking steps to have the streets here patrolled at night.

So much complaint is being made about boys running the streets after dark that Mayor Jacobson and the city council have decided to put in effect the curfew ordinance.

Story City beat Nevada 6-0 in the final seconds on Oct. 26 when Tesdall caught a pass from Bub Hill at midfield and raced to the goal.

Amanda Severson writes that 45 attended the Story City picnic out in Los Angeles, CA. Among them were Mrs. Edward Charlson, Gwendolyn McDowell, O.A. Olson, Ted Martens and Walter Stark.

Dewey Pepper lost a finger in a corn elevator last week (from the Nov. 1 issue).

Dale and Jorgenson have the agency for the Star auto.

Tag Day here for the library Saturday, Nov. 3 netted $130.

They say a farmer near Randall had his chickens stolen last week (from the Nov. 8 issue) and then found a pocketbook in his yard containing $700.

Story City battled Ames to a 6-6 tie Nov. 2. In the third quarter Red Hill shot a pass to Bert Christianson, who ran 45 yards to the goal. The Story City lineup: L. Tesdall, R. Tegland, ends; A. Henryson, R. Hughes, tackles; R. Holland, H. Sinn, guards; Bud Knudson, center; C. Clayton, B. Christianson, R. Hill, F. Severeid, C. Thompson, backs.

Lawrence Donhowe is at Rochester where X-rays indicate a piece of concrete in still in his back.

Webster City held Story City to a scoreless tie Nov. 9, although the locals made 15 first downs and WC none. Fumbles and good kicking by WC kept us from scoring.

The Spark Plugs entertained the Sassie Susies at a Halloween party at the schoolhouse.

Corn yields are running 10 to 20 percent less than last year.

A young Roland man tested the strength of a telephone pole on main street here and now his car in in the hospital.

Serral Munsen is exhibiting the new Overland Champion.

The M & B Cafe treated the football boys to a chicken dinner on Sunday (Nov. 18).

The school faculty entertained the football boys at a banquet on Tuesday night (Nov. 27).

80 Years Ago

November 1933

80 in the shade is plenty hot on October 30.

Benedict Baldus picked 168 bushels of corn in nine hours and 20 minutes last Saturday (Oct. 28), breaking the record of Clarence Thornton of Colo, who had slung 160 bushels in nine hours. Ben, 20, had his feat attested by his brother Frank and father John Baldus. Ben says he picked 755 bushels in six days last week.

Katherine Jacobson, Teddy Jacobson, Phyllis Malmanger and Benjamin Erickson all had Halloween parties this past week (from the Nov. 2 issue).

Connie Egeland entertained at a Halloween party on Monday (Oct. 30). The children were all masked and in costume. Billy Brattebo took the prize for being the funniest dressed and Lucille Lein was the best disguised.

The Gilbert mail route is being consolidated with Rt. 1 Ames.

J. M Hauge is gradually recovering from injury to his feet, sustained two weeks ago (from the Nov. 9 issue) when he fell 20 feet from a corn crib. John says he is glad he landed on his feet instead of his head.

The George T. Johnson family of Belmond moved here last week (from the Nov. 9 issue) and are occupying the recently remodeled residence near the Immanuel church.

The Herald thermometer went down to zero yesterday (Nov. 15), the first time this season.

The GCC is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Nov. 24.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Havnen, Jerome and Vaughn, Ann, Bert and Palmer Christianson spent the weekend pheasant hunting on the former’s uncle’s farm (from the Nov. 16 issue).

It snowed yesterday (Nov. 22) but it didn’t stick.

Walter Nelson won first prize at the Story County annual fiddler’s contest held in Ames on Wednesday, Nov. 22.

The Ose Hardware company has sold its Roland branch store to Lester Swenson.

Over 40 men gathered at the Lloyd Husby home to finish picking his corn.

122 men gathered for the 25th anniversary dinner of the GCC.

Story City is to get $2,350 for relief with 11 men to be given employment on streets, park and cemetery projects.