Bertha Bartlett Public Librar

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

—by Kolleen Taylor

There isn’t a better month to make one thankful than November. As we observed Veterans Day this past Monday, our thoughts go to the families who sent sons and daughters off to help defend our country. For this sacrifice, over hundreds of years, millions of families have been impacted forever. It has also altered the histories of countless countries as battles were won and lost, land borders were altered, territories were renamed and people were forced to move, immigrate and children were abandoned. It’s not a pleasant history, and it doesn’t feel like our world should be this way. But it is. And we have to be thankful for the peace we do have, the homes and shelter and families who protect us. Whether the reasons were right, wrong or indifferent, those sacrifices of time, money, energy, life and limb should be respected and appreciated. Bless all our Veterans and the service they gave.

With Thanksgiving coming soon, I suggest that we all reflect for a minute on those things which we would miss terribly if it wasn’t there. We hope the library is on that list. We also know there are many other things that need to be there. I miss terribly my family members who have departed this world, as we all probably do. But I know I would also miss hot water, warm blankets, sunny days and green grass. I know I do miss the waving fields of grain, oats specifically, a field crop that was beautiful and peaceful, but rarely seen in Iowa in recent years. When I lived in the south, I always missed the changing leaves, and brisk fall days. I will always miss the days my dad would set me on his lap and read to me when I was a little girl. The simplest of memories, those I miss. But I am thankful that I have them. Thankful I know I should appreciate them.

So in celebration of being thankful, the library board decided we should offer Amnesty through the end of November for those people who have long overdue and lost materials and fines accumulated, asking only that a contribution be made for the Story County Food pantry. We need our lost items returned, books and dvd’s that have been checked out for more than 90 days, items that others are waiting to read or watch on DVD. Checking out library books are loans from one member of our community to another. We know that sometimes life just takes so many wrong turns at the same time, the last thing one is thinking about are the books that are under the bed. But before the holidays take us completely off course, we need everyone to try to find any missing materials and return them so others can enjoy them over the winter.

If you need to know what is missing, call us or check on-line. Your library card number is your login, and your last name is your password. If you cannot get access, be sure to call us. And if an item is listed as lost, it no longer shows on your account and only shows a replacement cost and we will have to tell you what is missing. Sometimes we make mistakes and it is on the shelf, but we try to think like a lost book and hunt these down regularly. Please help us find our lost assets and join us in helping to replenish the food pantry here in Story City!