A Brief Look at Your School….

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

•Wrestling practice has started at the high school under the leadership of Coach Leland Schwartz! Check out the RS website at rswrestling.funurl.com. Also, like them on Facebook at Roland Story Wrestling Squad and follow them on Twitter @WrestlingNorse. Their first competition is Thursday, December 5, in Gilbert. Come support your Norsemen! This year at all home wrestling meets, they will be releasing collectible cards featuring our past great wrestlers. Come to the meet to collect each card - free to any kid wearing Norsemen apparel and also available to anyone else for a small cost! There will also be free giveaways at each home meet, such as signed posters and t-shirts!

•A naturalist from Story County Conservation visited the kindergarten classes on November 13th and 14th to teach them about how animals prepare for winter. The naturalist used puppets and animal furs in her presentation as the students learned about the changing seasons, migration and hibernation.

•In Mrs. Ferrell’s Language Art II, the sophomores have just finished a rather grueling unit over the Transcendentalists: Whitman, Emerson, and Thoreau. Because the Transcendentalists believe in the power of the individual and his/her ability to learn through deep thought, the students had a lot of independent reading and thinking to do before taking the test. The goal of the unit was for the students to read, question, then interpret the material.

•Elementary Counselor Kathy Gabrielson and Middle School Counselor Nancy Hemphill presented a breakout session at the Iowa School Counselor Convention held in Des Moines on November 4. The title of their session was “Developing Leadership Opportunities for K-8 Students.” They spoke about the programs of student leadership in the elementary and middle schools here at Roland-Story. These programs align with our character education initiative of CHARACTER COUNTS!

•Seventh grade students will be participating in a two-week D.A.R.E. program with Deputy J.D. Holmes of the Hardin County Sheriffs Department starting immediately after Thanksgiving break.

•Mrs. Larson’s FCS classes at the high school and middle school got to hear from Diane Ward of the Iowa Egg Council and learned the nutritional benefits of eggs and prepared an Egg pizza. Very tasty!

•Happy Thanksgiving from the Roland-Story Community School District. May this Thanksgiving find you with much to be thankful for!