Story City Century Homes and Buildings

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

—by Kate Feil, Story City Historical Society Director

This article features two of the six homes that were built in the Sanitarium Addition in 1913, the Mrs. Anna Ersland Home and the Gudmond Amlund Home. The Sanitarium Addition is in the 300 block of Lafayette Ave. The Historical Society has installed an exhibit on the Century Homes at the Bertha Bartlett Public Library, 503 Broad St. In December, the exhibit at the library will rotate and feature the Sanitarium Addition Homes. Driving tour maps of all of the homes and buildings are available at the library or at the Carriage House Museum, 619 Grand Ave.

Mrs. Anna Ersland Home (328 Lafayette Ave)

By early April of 1913 Mrs. Ersland had let the contract to a Roland contractor for her fine new residence, to be built in the Sanitarium Addition. By September 4th, the home was almost completed. And by the end of September, Mrs. Ersland moved into her new home which was the second home to be completed in the Sanitarium Addition.

Gudmond Amlund Home (319 Lafayette Ave)

Gudmond Amlund’s occupation was wheelwright, a person who builds or repairs wooden wheels. Gudmond’s home was the 6th and last home in the Sanitarium Addition to begin construction. By the middle of September, the excavation was complete for his new residence. On December 1st, 1913 a son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Amlund.

(This is the fourth in a continuing series of articles featuring the various century homes and buildings of Story City, as compiled and researched by Story City Historical Society Director Kate Feil.)