Looking Back in Story City

Staff Writer
Story City Herald


October 1914

The baseball fans of Louisville presented Henry Severeid with a silver baseball and bat in appreciation of his services.

War news will be eclipsed in America this week (from the Oct. 1 issue) when Boston and Philadelphia meet in the World Series.

Herman Jorgenson has sold his residence to S.J. Overland.

S.S. Wierson has his new residence all completed.

Story City lost its first basketball game of the season to Colo by a score of 18-8.

The weather man evidently didn’t hear of the 12 inches of rain we had in September, for he gave us about 5 inches more the fore part of the week (from the Oct. 8 issue). All of the basements on Main Street have about a foot of water in them.

Henry Jacobs raised about $700 worth of watermelons on three acres this year. This, of course, included the peddling of them.

M.C. Peterson is working for the Randall Lumber Co., taking the place of Fritz Broholm.

Lewis Maland bought the C.C. Nelson farm northwest of Randall for $200 an acre. The Andrew Rasmussen place north of Randall was also sold to Martin Olson for $170 an acre.

Sing Lee has been on the sick list this week (from the Oct. 8 issue). Some dirty linen is in evidence.

Andrew H. Jacobson had the misfortune to break a leg when thrown from a buggy.

Boston defeated Philadelphia four straight ball games to win the World Series.

Bert Anderson has purchased the George P. Johnson farm southwest of town for $160 an acre.

Frank Heers is erecting a new house on his farm.

The Immanuel ladies’ aid took in $645 at their dinner and bazaar Saturday (Oct. 17).

A trio of young sprouts, tanked up with bedbug exterminator, got into a mix up on our streets Saturday evening (Oct. 17) and landed in the local bastille.

Adolph Hemness has accepted a position with John Rockefeller at Hubbard.

Clint Johnson and the Smith Brothers finished their threshing run this week (from the Oct. 22 issue).

The Democrats had their first rally for many a moon in Story City Thursday night (Oct. 22).

Henry Cullip is building a circular corn crib.

Swen Skeie bought the M.O. Henderson 80 for $177.50 an acre.

Billy Sunday is opening a series of meetings this week (from the Oct. 29 issue) in Des Moines.


October 1924

Martin Hanson was run into by a car, driven by an Indianola man, at the corner east of Randall. No one was seriously injured, but the cars are useless.

Theodore Jacobson bought the Marvick farm last week (from the Oct. 2 issue), paying $161 an acre for the quarter section.

H.N. Donhowe, Henry West, Pete Peterson and Nels Larson motored to Minnesota to attend the Otto Larson closing out sale of dairy cattle.

Allen’s three field goals allowed Ames to beat Story City 15-7. Story’s lineup was: Paulson and Tesdall, ends; Sinn and Henryson, tackles; Wierson and Bergeson, guards; Enderson, center; and Hill, Severeid, Jondall and Tegland, backs.

The Randall Creamery had six persons receiving checks of over $100. J.W. Romp was tops with $162.85.

Light frost came on Tuesday morning, Sept. 30.

Andrew Dickinson sold out his barber shop in Gilbert to William Hoffman of Boone.

Several auto loads were in Ames last week (from the Oct. 2 issue) to view the Coolidge caravan from the New England state.

Harry Stark broke a couple of ribs when he tried to catch a trunk on his chest at the depot.

Rev. Paulsrud confirmed the following at N. St. Petri: Burnis Charlson, Beatrice Anderson, Della Christianson, Kathryn Knutson, Sophie Forde and Christena Tungesvik.

Gladys Nordskog had her hand badly cut when she caught it in an electric pump at the home of her sister, Mrs. C. Larson.

In spite of the backward season, the local canning factory packed 47,000 cases of corn.

A 10 percent reduction of light rates has been authorized.

Winfred Larson is working in the harvest fields of North Dakota.

The “Covered Wagon” will be shown at The Grand next week (from the Oct. 9 issue).

September was the healthiest month ever in these parts. The local undertaker reports that it’s the first month that he has had no funerals.

Story City defeated Clarion 7-0. Clarion lost more yards than they gained in the entire game.

Russel Lake is janitor of the Gilbert Congregational Church.

The Mackey M.E. Church has been painted on the outside.

Fire shortly after noon last Tuesday (Oct. 14) completely gutted the Munsen garage, and only valiant efforts by the fire department saved the Ahrens building and Farmers Grain Co.

Chester K. Olson has gone into partnership here with Raphael James in the radio business.

“Hank Severeid Day” was observed Sunday (Oct. 12) with Ames and Story City crossing bats at Lake Comar. Ames won 5-2 in 12 innings. Ollie Peterson pitched a fine ball game until he weakened.

Henry Toft has purchased the Mrs. Bertha Johnson residence on north Penn.

Mrs. C.F. Johnson gave a pipe organ recital on the new instrument at Salem Church in Roland.

The 50th Anniversary of Grace Evangelical Church will be observed this weekend (from the Oct. 16 issue). Sermons will be given by Rev. Smay, Wendel and Haehlen, and Bishop Spreng will deliver two addresses Sunday.

Story City beat Iowa Falls 12-7 in football last Friday (Oct. 17). Hill ran a punt back 80 yards for one score and Tegland caught a pass and went 50 yards for the other.

Dr. A.A. Rose is moving his office from the Jacobson building to the rooms vacated by Drs. Harman and Dixon.

One of the younger sons of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Rafdal had a deep gash in his head when he was struck by a swing at the schoolhouse.

Henry Severeid, Hans Nelson, F.C. Corneliussen and Torkel Hill are on a hunting trip to South Dakota.

Charles Kirkeby got kicked by a Ford and has a broken arm to show for it.


October 1934

P.A. Olson and J.C. Jessen are attending the quadrennial conference of the Evangelical Association in Akron, OH.

Margaret Sucher and Mildred Frandson are editors of “Chalk Marks”.

The following are enrolled at Iowa State College: Cecil Larson, Leland Black, Thelma Johnson, Herbert Donhowe and Kenneth Nelson.

Pearl Jacobson was elected President of the County Rural Teachers Association at a meeting in Nevada on Sunday, Sept. 29.

An enrollment of 3700 was expected for the fall quarter at Iowa State College.

Baseball went into an eclipse Tuesday (Oct. 9) with the Cardinals on top of the heap.

Kathryn Rose took part in the dedication program for the new packing plant at Marshalltown Sunday afternoon (Oct. 7).

The drought of 1934 is considered more disastrous to the world than the war.

Typing has been added to the courses at Randall and 39 students are enrolled.

The Class of 1934 donated the picture “Westward” to the Randall school assembly room.

The house and contents of F.W. Madden were destroyed by fire Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 16).

Mrs. J.C. Jessen’s brother, Dr. C.E. Golly of Spencer, fell from a ladder last week (from the Oct. 18 issue) and broke bones in both arms.

Mrs. George Barkus and little son Blaine received injuries and cuts when the latter fell out of the car, and the former jumped out to save him on the highway north of Ames Saturday evening (Oct. 13).

A white cockerel on the Charles Tressler farm was found to have a two-foot long garter snake in its craw and gizzard when it was butchered last week (from the Oct. 25 issue). They lost their appetite for fried chicken for awhile.

The Bethel Church steeple, recently damaged by lightning, has been repaired and given a coat of aluminum paint, making it glisten in the sunlight.

Sara Henderson left for Cleveland, OH last Saturday (Oct. 20) to enter a music college there.

Richard Munsen is now shining shoes at the Modern Shoe Shop.

Alex Rogee of north of town is suffering from typhoid fever.

Rexford Tysdale is attending the American Legion National Convention in Miami, FL this week (from the Oct. 25 issue).

Walter Tapper of Kamrar won the Hamilton County corn husking contest last Thursday (Oct. 25) at the Ole Danielson farm, with 3000 people witnessing the event. Tapper had a net of 1451.4 lbs., followed by Archie Amundson, 1448.8 lbs.; Carl Evans, 1276.5 lbs.; and Elmer Stensland, 1237.2 lbs.

At the Story City Homecoming it was a tie score between Story City and Jewell, with Chuck Hill taking a pass on the 45 yard line over the goal. George Kirkeby took the ball over on a plunge for the Jewell score. The starting lineup was: A. Tesdall, Joe Baldus, F. Johnson, E. Wirth, S. Corneliussen, M. Toft, G. Henryson, P. Donhowe, C. Hill, A. Ose, O. Hauge. Substitutes included: R. Gaard, Hubert Egenes, Stanley Johnson, Bob Richards and Lawrence Valen.

Little Vaugn Havnen was bitten by a dog last week (from the Nov. 1 issue), at Bricelyn, MN, and several stitches were taken to close the wound.

John Severeid put the local school bus to good use last Friday (Oct. 26) by loading 17 passengers and taking them for a final view of the World’s Fair in Chicago.

Bert Mortvedt is the owner of a new Chevrolet.