A Brief Look at Your School

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

• National School Lunch Week is being celebrated next week, October 13-17, at all three centers. This year’s theme is “Get in the Game with School Lunch”. Encourage your students to eat school lunch!!

• Students in Mrs. Greenfield’s Language Arts I just finished up a short fiction unit where they had the opportunity to read a variety of short stories and apply literary elements to them. Part of this unit was to write their own short fiction story! R-S sure has some creative minds in the freshmen class! After a few grammar mini-lessons, they’ll move on into reading Mississippi Trial, 1955 where they will look at the treatment of African-Americans in the South during the 50s and the Emmett Till murder.

• In the Elementary School library, second graders are learning the Dewy Decimal System. They are finding out that books are put in order by number and that all subjects have a specific number assigned to them. They will be practicing locating books by their call numbers. That skill will open up the exciting world of nonfiction!

• Seventh Grade students will be heading to Springbrook for their 2-day overnight field trip on Thursday and Friday, October 23-24. A big thank you to all of the parent chaperones who are attending and also to the Roland-Story PTO for funding this trip!

• Mrs. Nelson’s 1st grade class has been working on building their reading stamina. In other words, they have been practicing their ability to focus and read independently for long periods of time without being distracted. The students recently met the goal they had been working towards of being able to read independently for 20 minutes!

• Mr. Dedic’s Biology students have been discussing the components of a controlled scientific experiment, including the independent and dependent variables and what things to control for. Additionally, they have been looking at pond water and trying to discover what traits all living things have in common. They will be starting their unit on taxonomy pretty soon, so remind your biology students to keep a lookout for those cool looking bugs!

• Mrs. Nerem’s third graders are studying magnets in science right now. Next they will have a special presentation called “Nails For Breakfast” to go along with this unit. They will explore and search for magnets in everyday breakfast cereal.