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Story City Herald


October 1939

The Reverend Peng Fu, D.D., president of the Lutheran Church in China, will speak in Bergen Church on Monday, Oct. 9. His message will be delivered in the Chinese language and will be interpreted by Rev. J.E. Gronli, former missionary to China.

John E. Thompson is on an extensive trip by bus in which he will visit practically all parts of the United States. He won a free ticket for a tour through a slogan writing contest sponsored by several bus lines.

Earl Ritland has completed a four-year enlistment in the U.S. Navy and is visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Ritland. He has been located on the west coast and came here from San Diego.

Supt. and Mrs. F.A Gorton entertained the school officials and faculty members at dinner on a recent Tuesday evening at their home.

A large number of women were here on a recent Tuesday in attendance at the fall convention of the Women’s Missionary Federation, Story City circuit, which was held in Bergen Church.

High school music teacher Miss Butler has chosen the following girls to sing in the girls’ sextet: Florence Lura, Carolyn Severeid, Julie Ann Eggland, Wilma Osheim, Constance Highland, and Annabelle Quam.

The Roland first graders are making furniture for their play home. The boys are working on the furniture. The girls are making curtains. The class went to the store to get some orange crates and on the way back, they skipped and played as if they were tin soldiers. After returning to class, the students painted pictures of themselves on their trip.

On a recent Friday the fifth grade class served a little breakfast in connection with their hygiene lesson about healthful breakfasts.

Amos O. Jacobson’s truck was badly damaged on a recent Friday night when it went into the ditch on a country road northwest of Ames and smashed against an embankment. The road butted up and he failed to notice it in time to make the turn. Jacobson was not seriously injured.

One of the largest audiences assembled in Roland in recent years heard the head of the Lutheran Church in China speak at Bergen Church on Oct. 9.

The Story County Soils Conservation office in Nevada has received a second group of checks totaling $149,248.49 which represents parity payment for around 1700 Story County participants in the federal corn program.

Roland eighth graders have been able to use a great number of newspaper articles and cartoons in civics class to show the effect of propaganda on public opinion.

C.E. Craig, former station agent at McCallsburg and at one time agent for the M. & St. L. railroad in Roland, was recently transferred to the station at Geneva where he gets a permanent location after several temporary assignments since he was removed from the McCallsburg station.

Martin Varland, who operates the Varland Grocery, is remodeling the Chas. Watney building in which his store is located and is making arrangements for living rooms in the back part of the building.

For the first time in a good many years, pheasant hunters here will be able to do their hunting in their own county this year. The part of Story County which is north of highway 30 will be open for pheasant hunting during the November season.

The Roland fire department was called out shortly after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 18 to the Rorvig farm east of town where S.B. Kilstofte’s corn picker and tractor were on fire. The firemen were able to save the machines from destruction using only the water in the booster tanks and the chemical tanks.

For the first time in history Story County’s annual corn husking contest Saturday, Oct. 20 will be a horseless show when the contestants start across the field at the Hattie Binder farm near Colo with every wagon being pulled by a tractor.

Leslie Wierson has purchased the Arnold L. Sevde residence on the corner of Poplar and Linn Streets for a consideration of $1000. Thor Highland is living in the house at the present time.

After two months of hot and dry weather, the danger from fires became great and recent weeks have seen several farm fires in this vicinity. Besides the Kilstofte corn picker fire, Fred Barrett’s corn fields caught fire on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 19 and on the following Saturday fire destroyed a new barn and corn crib on the Phil Allen farm south of Roland.

The State Bank and Trust Company, newly organized bank in Nevada, opened a branch office in McCallsburg recently with F.E. Nail of McCallsburg in charge. The Nevada bank was organized several months ago with John R. Hattery as president and Harold T. Fawcett as cashier.

Second grader Roger Larson was seven years old on Oct. 19 and treated candy to his classmates and teachers.

Several students in the Roland elementary classrooms have been absent from school suffering from the mumps.

The high school home economics girls will be making curtains for the home economics kitchen. Later, the class will work on refinishing the furniture in the dining room, during their spare time.

Showing at the Roland Theatre Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27 and 28 is “Only Angels Have Wings” with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur.