A Brief Look at Your School

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

• Mrs. Olson’s 2nd grade recently worked on some Thanksgiving readers’ theaters. The students had fun becoming one of the Thanksgiving characters from America’s First Thanksgiving.

• Second Reminder: The Senior Citizen’s Dinner is now scheduled for Friday, December 12, at 11:30 a.m. The snow makeup date will be Thursday, December 18. Please call for a reservation at 388-4348.

• Mr. Klett’s Language Arts 3 students have been reading Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and working together as a class to create a character map showing the relationships between the characters. Students in LIT-101 through DMACC are studying drama, and they will be recording themselves performing part of a play.

• Ms. Joslin would like to thank all who were a part of the Veteran’s Day Program at the Middle School this month! We are very grateful to those who have served our country in the armed forces. It was great having so many local veterans in attendance. It was such a humbling day that highlighted not only the patriotism of our citizens and community, but the incredible character of our students. THANK YOU!

• Mrs. Doyle’s Introductory Art students recently had a visit from a representative of The Creative Center College of Art and Design in Omaha. They discussed what it means to be creative, as well as the program at the college. It is important for students to realize the career possibilities in the design field. They are fortunate to have a former student, 2014 graduate MacKenzie Jarvis, in attendance at the school. The guest speaker extolled MacKenzie’s artistic ability and informed students that MacKenzie is in first chair at the school, a place of honor since visitors will see her work first upon entering the facilities.

• Students in Mrs. D-Ferrell’s Communication Lab 10 have taken to the stage! After finishing a short story unit, the sophomores found a story and adapted it into a drama. Students wrote their script and added staging and costuming to create a really enjoyable performance.