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Story City Herald

—by Kolleen Taylor

On the 10th day of Christmas, were there really 10 Lords a Leaping? As I took some personal time to visit the homes decorated for the holidays this past weekend, and enjoyed the scavenger hunt at the Bartlett Home, I left with the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas churning around my head. And it made me ponder the reason for the song. Fortunately, because I work in a library and can find lots of information I found multiple responses t to clarify the song we sing with such gusto. And it’s fun to see the many variations of the words, the meanings, and the arguments as to the Christian content. It reminded me just how challenging it is to find information on the Internet!

One of the tasks we learn through library training is that we can assist our patrons with research, help them find qualified information either on-line or in books and materials in the library. Resources online can be very confusing, and paid websites tend to over-ride some of the most knowledgeable sources. Our medical and non-fiction materials that we purchase to check out or use in the library are reviewed for accuracy and we try hard to keep the most critical materials up to date.

So if you are pondering things in your life, from purchases during the holiday season, to researching places for vacations, ask to see what we have in the library…and if we don’t have enough here, let us help direct you to some reputable sites to give you more insight.

Singing merrily, eating heartily, and sharing family time is key to our holiday celebrations. As we near the Christmas holiday, gifting becomes more challenging as we all try to find ways to honor and celebrate our loved ones. In the spirit of giving we know all of us are constantly being solicited for donations for all types of organizations…..and these days it happens not just at Christmas, but year round.

One of the quieter gifting sources is actually at your public library. More than a dozen years ago, the library established the Bertha Bartlett Public Library Foundation. Each year, memorials and bequests have quietly been accepted into the foundation honoring individuals, families and other loved ones. Those funds have helped us do repairs, purchase items for use in the library and help support our summer reading program. These funds are used for library services or items above and beyond our operational expenses. Some funds have been earmarked for shelving, others to purchase books that we place bookplates inside to honor parents and children alike. The Foundation members work on keeping the Book Sale room organized, and proceeds from those items donated to the library help fund the projects supported by the Foundation.

So if this holiday season, you are seeking a way to honor or celebrate, and want it to reach out into Story City… gifting to the Bertha Bartlett Library Foundation will be a way to gift to the entire community of library users. And that always makes everyone’s year a little bit brighter!