Looking Back in Story City

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

100 Years Ago

December 1914

A giant Christmas tree powered with a hundered bulbs will adorn the main intersection.

The M. & St. L. lost its whistle at Roland on Monday (Dec. 7) and had to plug the hole with a bolt in order to get to Story City.

The Tjernagel brothers won first prize at the corn show in Gilbert last week (from the Dec. 10 issue). There were over 60 entries.

The high school box social was a great success last Thursday (Dec. 3) with John Donhowe auctioning off $80 worth of boxes. Duella Knudson, Jeanette Donhowe, Della Larson, Lester Henderson, Mildred Hemness and Daisy Jorgenson were on the program.

Olaf Hemness and C.N. Christenson received a box of fine oranges this week (from the Dec. 10 issue) right from Anton Peterson’s orchard in Texas.

The Bethesda Church in Jewell took in over a thousand dollars at their bazaar Thanksgiving Day.

Harry Smith was in Minnesota last week (from the Dec. 10 issue) looking after his father’s farm, which he will operate next year.

The implement firm of Hanson & Anderson has dissolved its partnership. M.C. Hanson retired from the business and H.H. Anderson will continue it alone.

Hot waffles will be served at the Evangelical Church Saturday afternoon (Dec. 19) and evening by the young people’s society.

The dedicatory service of Grace Church began last Friday evening (Dec. 11). Rev. Smay delivered the opening sermon, and in the afternoon Rev. Spreng gave the dedicatory address, at which the congregation went “over the top” by subscribing $4,600 to take up the remaining indebtedness of $4,000.

Mr. and Mrs. Ermal Benson have moved into the house vacated by Daniel Ose.

Louis Eness swept the boards at the Des Moines poultry show with his White Orpingtons.

Lawrence Johnson is working in a Des Moines clothing store during the holidays.

Rev. Guttebo is wearing a fine new overcoat, a present from the folks at the Home.

Cholera has invaded the fine herd of Chester Whites owned by Alden Anderson.

John H. Johnson has a badly wrenched neck, which he cannot explain, it having occurred while he was asleep.

The Egenes and Sandness hardware stock has been taken over by G.S. Anderson of Alden, MN. Charles Sandness will act as manager.

The bobsleds have it on the Fords now since the snow fall.

The fire company was called out Saturday (Dec. 19) to put out a small blaze at the Mrs. Isabella Anderson residence.

Herman Jorgenson has his new residence well under way.

Jennie Donhowe and Cosette Henderson are home from Grinnell College.

Mrs. Eliza Wier handed us a bunch of holly and mistletoe the other day. She had received a barrel full from her son-in-law H.G. Chalfant, who lives in Louisiana.

Luther Henderson and Melburn Donhowe are home from school at Cedar Rapids.

J.A. Jones came from Montana last week (from the Dec. 24 issue) to look after his property across the river.

A.J. Haugland and family have moved to Slater where he has a job with the Standard Oil Co.

Mrs. C.F. Johnson was presented a fine leather rocker by the St. Petri choir.

The creditors of the defunct Citizens Bank received their final dividend of 11 percent, making a total of 36 percent. Mr. Corneliussen received $502 for his services as trustee.

Peter Eide, who stopped off here on his travels, said the local community Christmas tree was the greatest “stunt” he had seen pulled off, from Minneapolis to Chicago.

The Anderson Hardware Co. is busy moving into its new location, formerly occupied by the Story City Pharmacy.

Rebecca Johnson of Slater has been appointed head nurse here to succeed Miss Bragstad.

D.B. Olsan’s mother fell on the floor the other day and broke her leg.

Mrs. Julius Knutson returned from the Iowa Sanitarium last week (from the Dec. 31 issue) after an operation for an appendicitis.

Lester Doolittle had one of his fingers cut off in a sausage grinder last week (from the Dec. 31 issue). The doctor replaced the finger and it is hoped it will heal.

90 Years Ago

December 1924

Raphael James reports receiving a dozen foreign stations on his 5-tube Neutrodyne last week (from the Dec. 4 issue) during the international tests.

The Thanksgiving Day football game with Nevada was played here in bitterly cold weather and Story City won 7-6. Next year the game will be played on Armistice Day. Both teams enjoyed a banquet at the hotel after the game.

Belle and Myrtle Turner enrolled at State Teachers College at Cedar Falls.

Andrew Tuttle, nearly 95 years old, died at the County Home last Thursday (Dec. 4). He was an early pioneer of the Roland and Story City communities.

Arlie Thorson under went an operation on his lung at the local hospital.

Officers of the new Isaak Walton League are: President, Henry Severeid; Vice Presidents, F.A. Fuller and Torkel Hill; Secretary, Fred C. Corneliussen; and Treasurer, Bert Hill.

A boy scout organization with 24 members has been started with Dr. W. A. Craig as Scoutmaster and L.M. Jorgenson and Bert Hill as assistants.

Local merchants gave a prize to the farm woman bringing in the most eggs Saturday (Dec. 6). Mrs. P. Laueson won with 19 dozen.

Mrs. Carrie Henryson and Miss Marie Havneros started their trip to California last night (Dec. 10).

Carl Johnson of Randall won the humorous class at the Norse Declamatory Contest at St. Olaf College.

Vivian Kalseim has taken a position as teacher in the Roland schools, as a regular teacher resigned.

The local Legion is operating a shocking gallery in the building vacated by John Valen.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alsager have rented the upstairs apartment in the C.N. Christensen residence.

Lew Peterson has his arm in a sling due to a tussle with a truck.

N.C. Omvig, who has lived for some time in Colorado, has returned to Story City.

Mrs. E. O. Severeid has been taken to the Iowa City hospital for an operation.

Mrs. M.C. Townswick left today (Dec. 24) to spend the winter in San Diego, CA.

Joe Nordskog finished husking 120 acres of corn yesterday (Dec. 23).

Henry Johnson was operated on last week (from the Dec. 24 issue) at the local hospital.

First National Bank received a sack of 1,000 freshly minted silver dollars from the government. This is the so-called “peace” dollar conceived in 1916 to celebrate the success of the “He Kept Us Out of War” slogan, but thought inappropriate during the intervening years, as it depicts the eagle as a “bird of peace”.

The Ristvedt elevator gave the following prizes: Biggest truck load of ear corn, Ed Frette; Biggest Ford truck load of corn, Will Watson; Biggest wagon load of corn, Oren Dickinson; Biggest load of coal hauled away, M.O. Henderson; Load hauled the longest distance, Joe Sunnoe.

At the Farmers Grain meeting, John Baldus and T. J. Thompson were re-elected directors. Manager Christenson reports that over 350,000 bushels of grain were handled.

Pearl Boyd, teaching at Baxter, and Nettie Boyd, student at Iowa U., are home this week (from the Dec. 25 issue).

Esther Heimarck, student at Minneapolis, is home this week (from the Dec. 25 issue).

St. Olaf students are: Jacob Enderson, Ruby Jacobson and Theo Heimarck.

Elmer Jensen and Clarence E. Reischauer are home from college in Des Moines.

Luther students home are: Erling Donhowe, Peter Haerem, Bernt Egenes and Clarence Thompson.

Alfred and Bertha Baldus are home from school in Dubuque.

M.J. Baldus won first pen, first cock, third hen and fourth cockerels of White Leghorns at the Boone Poultry Show.

80 Years Ago

December 1934

Five below zero this morning (Dec. 6) feels better than yesterday’s 15 above for some reason. About 12 inches of beautiful snow fell here Friday (Nov. 30) and the old-fashioned bobsled has made its appearance.

Mrs. Elmer Jensen returned last week (from the Dec. 6 issue) from Oakland where she spent a few days with her sister, Mrs. Awanda Johnson, who has been ill.

Harold Larson and Walter Williams, students at Waldorf, were here over the weekend (from the Dec. 6 issue). Other students home for the hoidays included Frances Bartlett and Judith Williams of Cedar Falls, Marietta Born from Iowa City and June Teig from Drake U.

Esther Howland is taking nurses’ training at Des Moines.

Earl Okland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Halver Okland, who was injured in an auto accident early in the fall, is reported as improving at Iowa City.

A new double crib is being built on the Soren Anderson estate farm occupied by Severin Anderson.

The Miller Grimsley home near Roland was threatened with destruction last Friday (Nov. 30) when sparks from the chimney started a fire on the roof.

Jeanette Henderson will take the part of the soprano soloist in the annual rendition of the Messiah at the Ames College at 3:30 Sunday (Dec. 16). The program will be broadcast over WOI.

Dr. and Mrs. A.L. Born are in Omaha this week (from the Dec. 13 issue) taking in the state veterinary convention.

Steve Linn, who for the past two years has served as assistant to Mr. Shannon, as receiver of the First National Bank of this place, has accepted a position as cashier of the bank at Stanhope.

The Hans grocery will serve free coffee Saturday (Dec. 20).

Santa Claus has engaged the American Legion and Black Diamond Club to receive any toys which the people of Story City would like to gtive to needy children. Santa’s workshop is at City Hall.

J.T. Heggen has been added to the list of jurors drawn for trial duty in Nevada.

Mary Baldus is teaching school in Boone County.

Upwards of 40 men met at the high school ag room Monday (Dec. 17) to listen to a committee report on the matter of creating an enlarged recreational area. When spokesmen got through giving details of the purchase and improvement of the 15 acres lying to the south of the present park, it was unanimously voted to go ahead and raise the necessary money.

The entire high school will possibly receive an examination for turberculosis some time this week (from the Dec. 20 issue).

Raymond McCoy is ill with the scarlet fever.

Mr. and Mrs. O.K. Helving, and daughter Hazel, attended the 6th District rural carriers’ Christmas party in Des Moines Saturday (Dec. 15).

Someone called up the John H. Johnson residence last Friday (Dec. 14) and asked “How is John? I see by the Herald he has a stiff neck”. That item was in the 20 years ago news, and Johnson is nicely over the stiffness by this time. By the way, he acquired that stiff neck 20 years ago when he was thrown out of bed by a nightmare.

Brattebo’s J.G. ad announces the following food prices this week (from the Dec. 20 issue): 10 lb. sugar, 49 cents; Maxwell House coffee, 31 cents/lb.; peanut brittle, 31 cents/lb.; mixed nuts, 2 lb. fancy, 39 cents; lutefisk, 10 cents/lb.

C.O. Highland announces the following farm sales: Rudolph Iverson, NW of Story City; Julius Nygaard, NE of Story City; and Thorsbakken brothers, SE of Story City.

Marietta Born and Lawrence Overland are home from their studies at Iowa U.

Judith Williams, Frances Bartlett and Martha Goodmanson, students at the Teachers College in Cedar Falls, are spending the Christmas vacation with their respective home folks.