From the Roland Record files

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Story City Herald


December 1939

The Main Street in Roland is again decorated for the holiday season, a Christmas tree having been erected on the corner of Main and Poplar streets and colored lights are being strung along the Main street.

Dr. Edvard Hambro of Bergen, Norway, will be the speaker at the opening program in a new civic forum for the people of Ames and surrounding communities which will be held in the new senior high school auditorium in Ames on Dec. 12. The topic for the forum discussion will be “The New Struggle for European Neutrality.”

The local fire department was called out to the C.H. Risdal farm northeast of town on Dec. 6 where a fire was burning in a stubble field and a nearby corn field that had been picked. The flames had covered about 10 acres, some of which had new seeding, before they were extinguished.

The new 1940 automobile license plates went on sale at the court house in Nevada the first of December. The new plates have an orange background with dark blue lettering.

Rev. Olaf Holen, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church, was presented with a silk robe and a large birthday cake at the meeting of the Ladies Aid society last week.

The board of directors of the Roland School met last evening to discuss the advisability of making application for WPA funds for building the proposed school gymnasium.

The Roland high school Boys Sextet composed of Herbert Michaelson, Roy Borwick, Marvin Stenson, Cecil Henderson, William Hanson, and Marion Hill sang at the State Preliminary Declamatory contest on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

The corn allotment acreage for Story County under the 1940 soil conservation program has been reduced about 12 percent from the 1939 allotment, according to R.L. Golly, secretary of the county soil conservation committee.

Ray Peck announces that he will have a sale at the farm southeast of Roland on Dec. 28. A large number of horses, cattle and hogs will be sold at this sale.

More young men are needed on the NYA project which is under way on the Skunk River near the Soper’s Mill site where a dam is being built. Young men between the ages of 18 and 24 are eligible for employment.

S. Wattland of Ames has been spending several weeks at the Record office going through the files of the newspaper in search of information required by the state in regard to deceased men who have had military service. Wattland has gone through every paper published from 1894 to 1937, copying statistics from obituaries of all men whose age would indicate a possibility of any military service.

Since 1675 the Greenwich Observatory near London, has been the workshop of British royal astronomers, and for many years its meridian as been considered longitude 0, from which both east and west longitude is determined, by most civilized countries. But Greenwich is becoming unfit for astronomical work, according to a report, because of interference of various kinds from modern London. Some of those interferences include city lights, thundering of trains, sulphurous fumes from factories, and electrical interference with delicate instruments. To remove the royal observatory to another location is not believed to be necessary anytime in the near future.

Roupe’s Shoe Repair Shop in Roland is advertising to not “throw your old shoes away, but bring them to the shop where they can repair them for a very reasonable price using their up-to-date new equipment.”

Showing at the Story Theatre in Story City on Dec. 15 and 16 is the movie “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” starring Basil Rathbon.

In their civics class the Roland eighth grade students have been studying public utilities in their own community, in the state, and in nearby large cities.

The annual Christmas Tree festivals will be held in each of the local churches on Friday evening, December 22 and programs will be presented by the Sunday schools.

Severt E. Larson has purchased the former Iver Sampson estate residence on south Cottonwood Street from Mrs. Chas. Erickson of Windom, Minn., for $950.

With over 100 members here this year the local Red Cross chapter has one of the largest memberships in its history at this place, the only times this figure being exceeded being in time of war or severe flood conditions in the country.

The first snow of the season came Tuesday morning, Dec. 19, but it was not enough to bring any notable relief from drought conditions as there was less than an inch on the ground. This is said to be the driest fall on record in Iowa, very little moisture having fallen since August.

Paul Nelson is the first and youngest clarinet player in the Roland high school band to receive his pin. Carolyn Severeid has also received her pin.

During music class, Jerry Gorton, a seventh grader and Darrel Larson, eighth grader, gave interesting reports on the origin and development of Christmas carols.

The movie showing at the Roland Theatre Dec. 22 and 23 is “Coast Guard” with Randolph Scott, Frances Dee, Ralph Bellamy and Walter Connelly.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, ranking American ace in the World War, suggests, in a recent article in Collier’s magazine, the construction of 50,000 airplanes as one of the solutions of this country’s defense problems.

In recognition of the humanitarian work of the late Will Rogers in behalf of the people of Nicaragua after the great earthquake of 1931, that republic has issued a series of air mail memorial stamps in his honor.