A Brief Look at Your School

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

• Flat Stanley is BACK! The kids In Mrs. Bauman’s room are making posters to share information on where Flat Stanley has traveled. Some even went as far as Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Florida! The kids are loving the activity.

• Mr. Schwartz’s Geometry students are currently working on their tessellation art project. The artwork will be displayed and students will vote on their favorite tessellations. Stay tuned to hear the winners!

• The middle school track season is just beginning. The girls have 50 team members this season and the boys have 60. Their first meet will be on April 12th.

• On March 12, Roland-Story took 16 events to IHSSA State Individual Speech contest. Of those 16, 12 of them received an overall I rating (superior). The other 4 received a II (excellent). Senior Brooke Ehrenberg and Junior Grant Braun were also honored with All State nominations. Brooke’s Literary Program, “I See the World in Terms of Music”, and Grant’s Solo Musical Theatre, “I Really, Really Like You (or The Stalker Song)”, will perform on April 25th at UNI.

• The second graders had a new program put on by McFarland Park this year called Rainforest Links. The students loved learning about the rainforest. They got to participate in being a plant or creature in the rainforest and fit themselves into a tiny space that would be like how crowded it is in the rainforest for the plants and animals. They also learned about the many products we use that are from the rainforest. We would give this new program a two thumbs up!

• Roland-Story’s Physics Competition teams placed third and forth behind Ogden and Perry during regional competition at the Science Center. The events included: toothpick bridge, mousetrap car, multiple range catapult, soda straw arm, and a challenge problem. Of these, the challenge problem is the most difficult and prestigious. Roland-Story teams finished first and second place in that event! First place finishers Nathan Lasley and Amira Mehr advance to state competition to be held at UNI’s McLeod Center on April 12. Close behind in 2nd place were Reid Selby and Trenton Witthuhn. The events change yearly forcing students to adapt and modify designs.

• Seniors in DMACC’s Composition class, under the guidance of Mr. Klett, are working on a research paper. They have selected a topic related to the field they hope to study at college next year. They are also exploring logical fallacies, and they are creating video examples of those.