From the Roland Record Files

Staff Writer
Story City Herald


March 1941

Martin Johnson had a closing out sale and moved from the former Hoversten farm southwest of Roland to Union, where he has been employed on a dairy farm.

Arnold Hougland moved from the Mathre farm west of Roland to the farm vacated by Johnson which he purchased.

Bert Norem, formerly of Roland, left recently for Syracuse, N.Y. where he has a position as industrial engineer in the Carrier Corporation. The Norem family has been living in Kankakee, Ill. Mrs. Norem will join her husband at a later date after finishing her law work with a firm in Kankakee.

H.G. Hanson, who has operated the D-X Service Station on his property for a number of years has leased the station to John Millang who moved to Roland the first of March.

Monday, March 10 is the annual school election and there is only one candidate for each position to be filled. Candidates include Sam J. Nelson, Eli Johnson and Mrs. Severie Parker who is running for the treasurer position.

Theodore Broch, mayor of Narvik, Norway, will give a lecture at the high school auditorium at Fort Dodge on March 10. He is a graduate of the University of Oslo and an attorney by profession, and will speak in the English language.

Garvin Herigstad, who went to the state of Washington in January in company with several other boys from Roland, has informed his parents here, that he has now enlisted in the radio division of the Naval Reserves in Washington.

A man from Centerville was picked up by the police selling coal in Ames without a proper ticket and sales slips not made out in ink or indelible pencil, and was fined $10 and costs in municipal court.

The Leininger twins of Ames, Medela and Zellettia, and noted for their dancing and acrobatic work will join the Ringling Bros. Circus for the summer tour, that starts in Madison Square Garden in New York.

The Roland second grade students have finished their miniature of “Alice in Wonderland.” They made the figures of cardboard and fixed them so they would stand. The second graders also went out to look at their bird shelter which they had erected earlier. There was still a lot of food in it but a blue jay was seen eating at the shelter.

The following list of registrants from this vicinity have received their questionnaires which must be returned to the registration board by March 15. Lars Martens, Mervin Sampson, Clayton Stone, Casper Wierson and Thomas Larson.

Belford A. Anderson, with the Pillsbury Flour Mills for the past five years, has been assigned the Northern Minnesota-North Dakota division. He moved with his family to Duluth the first of March.

The Howard Viking Boys 4-H Club members were excused from school on a recent Friday to go on a judging tour with their new leader, Marion Peterson and R. Pearl Kelsey. Visiting area farms they were able to judge a Berkshire hog, horses, baby beeves, and dairy cows. They then went back to school in time to catch the bus for home.

A new pupil in the Roland fifth grade is Joan Wicks. The seventh grade also has a new pupil from Ellsworth, John Millang.

While playing marbles at recess, Donald Lee ran a large sliver under his thumb nail. Dr. Snyder was able to remove the sliver.

The movie showing at the Roland Theatre is “Dancing on a Dime” with Grace McDonald, Robert Paige, Virginia Dale, William Frawley, Peter Hayes, Lillian Cornell, Eddie Quillan, and Frank Jenks.

Story County’s cotton mattress program will get started soon at Nevada as enough needles arrived to operate one mattress making center. Mattress making centers will be announced from time to time in various parts of the county just as fast as the necessary needles arrive. Applicants for mattresses will be notified as fast as each can be taken care of at the various points in the county.

The eighth grade students finished their mock trial by Orvis’ acquittal of charges involving theft of a diamond from Joanne Sandvold. In this trial Jerry Gorton acted as prosecuting attorney with Tommy Thompson and William Nelson as attorneys for the defendant. The jury which was composed of members of the class required several ballots to reach the verdict of “Not guilty.”

The movie showing at the Roland Theatre is “Moon over Burma” with Dorothy Lamour and Robert Preston.

In Call No. 8, the following men have been selected for induction by the Story County Selective Service Board at Ames and ordered to report at 5 o’clock Monday morning, March 31. They will be sent to an induction station of the U.S. Army at Fort Des Moines. Included from this area; Maynard Olson and Raymond Menzel, McCallsburg; Joseph Durby, Herbert Egenes, Milford Romsey, Story City. Among those receiving their questionnaires with return date of April 1 is Carroll Twedt of Roland.

Nine inmates of the Story County jail on various charges, attempted a jail break on a recent Thursday night while Sheriff C.V. McGriff was away checking up on a car accident east of Nevada. The McGriff family had heard noises during the evening and when Sheriff McGriff returned he investigated and found that the men had nearly succeeded in making a hole through the brick wall large enough for them to escape.