Bertha Bartlett Public Library news

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Bertha Bartlett Public Library news

—by Kolleen Taylor

Not only is this week National Library Week, it is also National Poetry month. During this month we are doing several things to celebrate.

One of the things we are doing is a book sale in our year round book sale room. Many books get donated over the course of a year, in addition to the books we have to rotate out of our collection. We are thrilled when we are able to share the books we have to remove from our shelves with our schools or other organizations within Story City, and recently were able to provide over 100 books to our schools to enhance the school library collections.

We have been buried with donations so often in the last five years, that we have had to say no to large donations of older, well used books, but still take donations in smaller quantities that we can manage to review and make decisions on quickly. The book sale room remains pretty full throughout the year, and we have many people who have found this to be a great place to find a deal on a gently used book, which also helps the library foundation. But to help celebrate National Library week, we are offering a sale on these books, 2 books for the price of one. Anyone who comes to the library can browse the books and choose from non-fiction to young adult and children’s books from Saturday April 16 through Sunday April 24.

In honor of National Poetry month, it seems appropriate to write a poem about the library here in Story City. I’m a bit rusty, and a traditionalist, but I’m hoping the basic intent and story is easy to follow:

The Birth and Bertha

of Story City’s library

It was a day quite fair when ladies so bright

began a mission to enhance the lives

of all the people from near and far

collecting books to be shared by all.

The donations collected by many a friend

Created a name, this “ library” then.

With eyes on their task, the volunteers took

great pleasure in seeing the volume of books.

For years they worked, a mission of pride

until they saw, they needed more time.

And they hired a gal, of the Bartlett name.

A name now acclaimed, after earning much fame.

Bertha’s words were a legend, her children could spout

of the days when she challenged them, ready or not

Encourage, entice, she found many a book

that kept the towns hoodlums immersed with a look

Its been 94 years since volunteers worked,

and several more moves ‘til the current place stood

on the corner of Broad, the foundations were poured.

Bertha Bartlett is back in her own neighborhood!