Elementary students attend science fair

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

Emma Schnurstein and Mason Schnurstein attended the American Meteorological Society’s 2nd annual elementary science fair at Iowa State University on Saturday, April 9th, in Ames. They both received 100% of the points and earned first place honors.

Emma is a 5th grader at Bergman Academy in Des Moines. She took part in the 5th grade group with her “Perfect Plants” project, which focused on the best way to grow plants. Her hypothesis was correct stating that aquaponics is the best way to grow plants. The fish waste she used worked as a fertilizer, which helped her plants grow better. She is currently designing and building four different hydroponics growing systems to see which system provides the best plant growth conditions.

Mason is a 2nd grader at Bergman Academy in Des Moines. He competed in the 1st and 2nd grade group with his “Battery Wars: The Volts Awaken” project. He designed and built a car of his own out of K’nex blocks, attached an electric motor, and tested different batteries to see which one would help his car go the fastest on a two meter track. The 9-Volt battery worked the best, providing the fastest time for his car.

Emma and Mason Schnurstein are the children of Mark and Angie (Swenson) Schnurstein of Ankeny. They are also the grandchildren of Virginia Swenson and Judy Schnurstein and the great-grandchildren of Betty Martin, all of Ankeny.