Roland-Story High School hosts solo/ensemble festival

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

Roland-Story High School hosted the Iowa High School Music Association solo/ensemble festival on Saturday, April 5. Class 2A schools that participated included: Clarion-Goldfield, Eagle Grove, Ogden, Roland-Story, South Hamilton and West Marshall. Students are judged and can receive the following ratings: I - a superior performance - outstanding in nearly every detail; II - an excellent performance - minor defects; III - a good performance - lacking finesse and/or interpretaion; IV - a fair performance - basic weaknesses; and V - a poor performance - unsatisfactory.

Roland-Story band students received 29 division I ratings, 8 division II ratings and no division III, IV, or V ratings. This was the eleventh straight year that R-S band students received only division I and II ratings.

Results for the students, with rating and instrument, are as follows:


Anika DeWald, 2, Flute; Julia Fauteux, 1, Flute; Gabi Henrichs, 2, Flute; Brooke Huffaker, 1, Flute; Allison Wuebker, 2, Flute; Brooke Ehrenberg, 1, Clarinet; Lauren Hansen, 1, Clarinet; Alayna Ringsby, 1, Clarinet; Tess Urbanek, 1, Clarinet; Allisyn Coghlan, 1, Bass Clarinet; Angela Harestad, 1, Bass Clarinet; Shelby Hennager, 1, Bass Clarinet; Pressly Parker, 1, Tenor Saxophone; Theresa Haskin, 1, Bari Saxophone; Caitlyn Hocraffer, 2, Bari Saxophone; Megan Sansgaard, 1, Flugel Horn; Patrick Marlow, 1, Trumpet; Emma Auld, 1, Trombone; Saber Cory, 1, Baritone; Megan Goeders, 2, Tuba; Riley Wilgenbusch, 1, Bell; Maddie Urbanek, 2, Bell; Eli Ruben, 1, Snare; Joe Danielson, 1, Piano; Megan Danielson, 1, Piano; Eli Ruben, 2, Piano; Riley Wilgenbusch, 1, Piano; Maddie Urbanek, 1, Piano


Flute Ensemble, 1, (Mikaela Broich, Anika DeWald, & Julia Fauteux); Clarinet Ensemble, 1, (Brooke Ehrenberg & Alayna Ringsby); Saxophone Ensemble, 1, (Pressly Parker & Tess Urbanek); Trumpet Ensemble, 1, (Madison Friest, Carson Parker, Susie Weaver); Trombone Ensemble, 2, (Emma Auld, Megan Goeders, & Kim Hendrian); Trombone Ensemble, 1, (Spencer Dodgen, Carson Ehrenberg, Gabbi Epperson, & Calli Tystahl); Mixed Brass Ensemble, 1, *Outstanding Performance Award (Spencer Dodgen, Patrick Marlow, Megan Sansgaard, Reid Selby, Calli Tystahl, & Ashley Webb); Percussion Choir, 1, (Joe Danielson, Brooke Huffaker, Jillian Lykins, Paul Moats, Alex Retallick, Eli Ruben, Maddie Urbanek, & Riley Wilgenbusch); Percussion Choir, 1, (Ben Balman, Megan Danielson, Julia Fauteux, Madison Friest, Shelby Hennager, Maggie Schnurr, Reid Selby, & Calli Tystahl)