A Brief Look at Your School

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

• On Thursday, April 7, the 7th grade students and eight adults traveled to Boone to attend the 2016 Teen Maze event. Teen Maze is an experiential learning event for 7th graders in Story, Boone, and Greene counties. Teen Maze took students through a series of stations that used interactive games and activities to teach students about making positive, healthy life choice as well as allowing them to experience some of the consequences for making negative choices. Our students walked away from this experience with factual information they could share with their parents, a list of resources and services available to help them, and information about educational opportunities and careers. Teen Maze was an amazing experience that the kids and chaperones thoroughly enjoyed!

• Thursday, April 14, was the last morning all the GEEKS were together for the year. Their annual awards breakfast was held at the high school. Students received certificates and medals for state qualifying events and NORSE awards for district participation. Brooke Ehrenberg and Grant Braun were especially honored for their achievements and being selected to IHSSA Individual Events All State.

• Since spring break, the second graders have been learning Spanish from the senior Spanish classes on Wednesday afternoons. They have learned the Spanish alphabet and simple phrases so far! The second graders are loving it!

• Brooke Ehrenberg, daughter of Ron and Lynne Ehrenberg, was honored as Outstanding Performer in Speech at the Speech Awards Breakfast on Thursday, April 14th. Brooke is a four-year member of both the Large Group and Individual teams, as well as a two-time nominated performer at the All State Festival. Brooke’s consistent dedication to excellence in public speaking will serve as an amazing motivation to the other students. If you see Brooke, please congratulate her on this award and for her outstanding contributions to Speech at Roland-Story during her high school career.

• Students in Mr. Schwartz’s geometry classes recently participated in a Breakout EDU game to introduce a chapter involving area of 2-dimensional shapes, such as circles, quadrilaterals, and polygons. His Algebra 1 classes also played a Breakout EDU game to review exponents and scientific notation. Breakout EDU games are fun, challenging, and engaging activities where students must work together to solve a variety of puzzles in a given time limit. Overall, it was a great learning opportunity, and the students loved it! Mr. Schwartz’s geometry students also completed their tessellation art project. Winners of the three categories were Megan Hodnefield, Emily Johnson, and Jakob Pitman. All the tessellations can be viewed at: https://goo.gl/photos/B6Wf1Ls7XPaepRfW9.