Story City American Legion Auxiliary minutes

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Story City Herald

May 17, 2016

Dianne Swenson opened the meeting at 6:36 p.m. with 14 members and 2 guests present. The colors were advanced by Betty Martin and Beverly Korab. The POW/MIA sash was draped on a chair in memory of those soldiers. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Dianne Swenson gave a scripture reading and prayer. The Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion Auxiliary was recited. The American Legion Auxiliary State President, Tammy Wright, was introduced.

Becky Watson shared a story about Leonard Kelly’s purple heart and how she worked to get this Veteran honored by having his grave marked at a Cedar Rapids cemetery and to have his purple heart displayed. The story has been published in the National publication, “Stars and Stripes.”

Officer’s Reports

Secretary’s Report: Roll was taken. The minutes from the February 16, 2016 meeting were read by Angie Schnurstein. The minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Virginia Swenson shared the current balance. Carrie Tresemer made a motion, Linda Henderson seconded the motion, and it was approved.

Committee Reports

Americanism: Dianne Swenson shared that Ruby Matheason was a judge for the Gettysburg address competition at the Roland-Story Middle School and Amy Rathmacher will share this on Memorial Day.

Memorial: A candle was lit on a memorial table to honor 3 auxiliary members that have passed away this year. The unit passed around and signed a get well card for Mildred Olson.

Membership: A membership update was shared by Virginia Swenson. The unit’s membership goal is 54 and currently there are 45 paid members.

Scholarship: Angie Schnurstein presented a scholarship application that was received from member Heidi Martin. Linda Henderson read the application aloud to unit members. Bev Christenson made a motion to give a $200 scholarship to Heidi, and Becky Watson seconded the motion. The motion passed and a $200 scholarship will be mailed to Heidi for her continuing education.

Children and Youth: Junior member Emma Schnurstein attended the 6th District Junior Conference in Des Moines in March, and was elected to be the 6th District Junior Historian. Emma attended Junior Camp on June 5-9, 2016 at the Christian Conference Center in Newton. Becky Watson made a motion to pay for Emma to go to the Junior Auxiliary Camp. Trish Swanson seconded the motion and it was approved.

Girls’ State: The Girls State representative this year was Natalie Tryon, the daughter of Tim and Kim Tryon of Story City. The unit was also contacted by the Ames Auxiliary Unit #37 asking if the unit had another candidate to send from Story City as well, since they had their representative back out. Therefore, the unit will also be sending Samantha Elliott, who is the daughter of Amanda Gustin of Story City and Chad Elliott of Roland. Girls State was held at Drake University in Des Moines from June 12-17.

Poppy: Thank you to those that participated in handing out poppies at Harlan’s and Casey’s on Saturday, May 7th for Poppy Day. The unit had a lot of members, Veterans, and other members of the community distributing poppies that day. Tom Wheeler also gave us a donation to our unit.

Veteran Affairs and Rehab: Dianne Swenson delivered the lap blankets to the Veteran’s Home and shared that they were very appreciative and said that they would welcome more.

Department of Iowa State President Tammy Wright then spoke to the unit.

Communications: Angie Schnurstein, Secretary, passed around recent copies of articles that were featured in the Story City Herald. She also read a thank you note from junior member Emma Schnurstein, 6th District President Mary Jo McLaughlin, and the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown. A card was passed around for the unit to sign for member Helen Zook’s 90th birthday. Another card was recently sent to Marlys Janvrin to celebrate her birthday as well.

Unfinished Business

Virginia Swenson made a motion and Ann seconded the motion to donate a copy of the book “Indivisible: The Story of Our Flag” to the Story City Public Library, the Roland Public Library, the Roland-Story Middle School and High School libraries. Thank you to those who have served at the senior luncheons in town on Wednesdays.

New Business

A slate of officers was read, which includes: PRESIDENT: Dianne Swenson, 1st VICE PRESIDENT: Virginia Swenson, 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Glenda Mathre, SECRETARY: Angela Schnurstein, TREASURER: Virginia Swenson, HISTORIAN: Virginia Swenson, CHAPLAIN: Sue Frette, SGT. AT ARMS: Beverly Korab, ASS’T. SGT. AT ARMS: Betty Martin, REPORTER: Angela Schnurstein.

Bev Christenson made a motion and Jackie Stockdale seconded the motion to accept the slate of officers as read. The officers for 2016-2017 were approved. The State of Iowa Auxiliary President Tammy Wright conducted the installation of officers.

Dianne Swenson gave a prayer of peace and the unit’s colors were retired.

Thank yous were extended to hostesses Linda Erickson, Dianne Swenson, and Beverly Korab.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016, at 6:30 p.m.

Angela Schnurstein