Story City GCC to host window display contest

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

—by Connie Phillips,

GCC Design Chair

The Story City Greater Chamber Connection’s Design Committee will be hosting its first “Window Display Contest” for downtown businesses. All a participating business needs to do is update their window to match the chamber’s theme, and they are eligible to win!

The idea behind this is to call attention to some of the already wonderful window displays happening around town, and to help others find inspiring ideas for their windows. It doesn’t cost anything to be a part of this promotion, but includes some fun benefits. There is a traveling “trophy”, donated by inVintg and decorated by Upper Story Studio, and whoever wins will have a traveling window trophy that can be displayed in their “winning” window until the end of the next contest to show off their “bragging rights” for having the best decorated window! We will also put together a press release for the Story City Herald and the Roland-Story Rocket, with a picture included.

The contest scoring will be done by a group of three judges. One judge will be the GCC Design Chair, Connie Phillips. The second judge will be Molly Nagel of Upper Story Studio, and the third judge will be the winner of the previous contest. You will be scored on how well it matches our theme, how well it matches your brand, and the overall appearance of your window. Businesses certainly don’t need to have any experience with designing fun window displays, and if you would like assistance, just ask! The Design Committee would be more than happy to help you with some ideas!

The theme for this first contest is “Fall is in the Air”. Judges Connie, Molly, and Shannon, the new GCC asssitant director, will be walking around October 27th-29th to judge the display windows. The winner will be announced October 30th via Facebook, The Herald, and The Rocket.

Please contact the GCC office if you are interested in the contest. We look forward to seeing all of your creative display windows.