Inspiration of 7th grade students leads to fund raiser

Todd ThorsonStaff
Inspiration of 7th grade students leads to fund raiser

Earlier this year the Roland-Story 7th grade Leadership Exploratory class watched a video and were so inspired that they decided to lend a helping hand for someone in need. The students of teacher Cindy Holmes’ class came up with the idea to start a fund raiser for Cooper Leeman, the young son of Laurel and Brandon Leeman. Cooper has a heart condition known as cardiomyopathy, which basically means his heart is too large for his body. He is currently waiting for a new heart.

“Because both Laurel and Brandon graduated from Roland-Story, we thought it would be nice to support them and ‘Super’ Cooper through their journey by raising money for a handicap swing, to be put on the middle school playground,” said Holmes.

The 7th grade class decided to place donation buckets in 12 local businesses and also sent out emails to other businesses asking for donations. The money raised will go toward the handicap swing as well as to the Super Cooper Fund that has already been set up for extra medical and living expenses for the family.

“The community has been incredibly supportive and it touches my heart every time we go around to collect money; only to see the investment that this community has on each other,” continued Holmes. “The attitude of the community is evident in the kids that I get to see every day in leadership class.”

Holmes also said that each group she has worked with (in the past) has also had incredible ideas, and that they always find some way to improve the things around them.

“Each class touches on this in some way, and then the group has had the energy that it needs to get out there and make it happen,” added Holmes.

Plans call for the class to present the money raised to the Leeman famly on Wednesday, April 20, at an assembly at the middle school in Roland beginning at 8:45 a.m.