Story City Council holds brief meeting

Todd ThorsonStaff

The Story City Council met Tuesday, July 5, in the council chambers. With a light agenda scheduled, council members present included Karl Ostrem, Matt Triggs, Becky Watson and Dave Sporleder. Council member Connie Phillips was absent. Also present was Mayor Mike Jensen, City Administrator Mark Jackson, City Clerk Dena Nichols, City Attorney Fred Larson and Water/Wastewater employee Scott Mathis.

Council approved payment #3 for the Swimming Pool Project from contractor Peterson Construction in the amount of $205,993.82. Currently, $539,149.75 of the total contract sum of $2,309,507.00 has been paid.There have also been change orders to date amounting to $82,270.

City Administrator Jackson was asked how the project was progressing so far, and he said they were “moving right along”, with concrete being poured as of late.

Also approved by council was another change order request for the Swimming Pool Project; the fifth since the project began last fall. The latest change involves running a different water line and moving the meter to the filter house. An additional sanitary sewer line is also part of the change, which totals $15,834.

“Rather than have the meter (at its original location), we’re going to move it the filter house, and then we’re going to circle the water line back to the bath house,” explained Jackson. “And then on the sanitary sewer line, where they dug the pit there, they went back to the west about 20 feet, it was off; and then back to the east, it was pretty bad. It was clay and broken, and it just needed to be replaced.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Scott Mathis, made a surprise announcement by submitting his resignation from the Water/Wastewater Department. Giving two weeks notice, effective July 19, 2016, Mathis presented the council and Mayor a letter of resignation in accordance with city policy.

Mathis has been with the City of Story City for the past 24 years. His plans include taking some time and then going to work for Kevin Jacobson’s company, CIT.

“It was a tough decision,” said Mathis. “I appreciate the city for their 24 years of putting food on the table and a roof over my head, raising my kids. It was a hard decision. I just find there’s nowhere for me to go here, and it’s just time.”

The council and Mayor thanked Mathis for his long service and apprecation for the job he’s done, and wished him well.