Story City Trees Forever holds 25th annual tree sale Saturday

Mike Jensen, president of Story City Trees Forever
Story City Trees Forever is holding its 25th annual tree sale at the former Lone Tree Nursery Site on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Story City Trees Forever is holding its 25th annual tree sale at the former Lone Tree Nursery Site on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Organizers ask that everyone observe 6-foot social distancing and wear face masks, as directed by the Story County Supervisors. 

There are limited numbers of each tree compared to past years, we are planting more trees from our order to start filling the bare spots from the removal of infected ASH trees in our community.

I would suggest you be at the sale before 9 A.M. & get in line (6’ apart) to purchase your trees.

We are offering all trees at $65 each which is a small portion of their $100 to $131 actual value. The trees will be sold on a first-come basis with a limit of two per household until 11 a.m.  After 11 a.m. residents may purchase additional trees if any remain.

This year, everyone who purchases a tree will be given a 21" to 30" mixed oak seedling rom the Iowa Department of Natural Resources nursery. This is made possible through the Green Initiative Program, a collaborative partnership between Trees Forever, Green State Credit Union and the DNR. 

There are a few stipulations with the tree purchases:

All trees must be planted within the Story City, City limits, either on private property or City property.

Anyone wanting to plant on City property such as outside of the sidewalk will need to obtain a permit at least one week before planting time.  This will give the City time to check for underground utility locations before digging and planting may begin. 

Permits are free of charge and are available on the City web site ( the City Hall lobby is not open due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

This tree sale is made possible through a grant from Black Hill Energy, Story City’s natural gas supplier; matching funds from the City of Story City with coordinating and technical assistance provided by Trees Forever of Marion. 

With Emerald Ash Borer now taking its toll on the Ash trees here in Story City, it’s even more important that we plant many varieties of trees throughout our community.  Now is a great time to plant a new tree or two on your property for energy efficiency, beauty, and increased property value.

Story City Trees Forever is holding its 25th annual tree sale at the former Lone Tree Nursery Site on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.



RED OAK                                                                                   60’- 80’ X 40’

GREENSPIRE LINDEN                                                                     40’-50’ X 30’- 35’

REDMOND LINDEN                                                                        40’-60’ X 30’

COLONIAL SPIRIT ELM                                                                   70’ X 65’

SAINT CROIX ELM                                                                           70’ X 60’

FALL FIESTA MAPLE                                                                        50’-75 X 50’                                                     


IRONWOOD                                                                                 30’- 50’ X 25’

NORTHERN RED BUD                                                                      20’-40’ X 20’- 25’

MERIRILL MAGNOLIA TREE                                                      20’- 25’ X 18 - 24’

AMERICAN YELLOWWOOD                                                       25’- 40’ X 20’- 35’

SMALL TREES (GENERALLY SMALLER THAT 20’ IN HEIGHT)                                                                                   

MAGNOLIA CENTENNIAL BLUSH TREE                                    12’-15’ X 10’- 15’

SNOWDANCE LILAC TREE                                                              20’-25’ X 12’-15’

PERFECT PURPLE CRABAPPLE                                                 15’-20 X 15’- 20’

PRAIRIE FIRE CRABAPPLE                                                         15’-20 X 20’   

NOTE: All trees are healthy, number one grade trees, all are priced at $65.00.  At this reduced price, we CAN NOT give a replacement guarantee, we can only guarantee that they were healthy trees when sold.  All proceeds from this sale go towards planting more trees in the Story City Community.  Thank You for purchasing trees from Story City Trees Forever.

Thanks to Black Hills Energy and the City of Story City for providing the funding that makes this project possible. Planting more trees for energy efficiency is wise, saves you money and makes a healthier environment for everyone.