Roland-Story horticulture class tours Jack Trice Stadium

Contributed news from Roland-Story High School
Pictured are the horticulture students who attended the trip to Jack Trice Stadium recently.

The Roland-Story horticulture class recently participated in a tour of Jack Trice Stadium where they were able to learn about the subject of turfgrass management. 

While on the tour, students heard from Josh Tvrdik, and Adam Thoms visited with the students about the subject of turfgrass management as well as special practices done with the playing field.

Professor Adam Thoms visits with Roland-Story students about proper management practices involving turfgrasses.

“This was a really a great experience for the Roland-Story students in attendance as both speakers were excellent presenters and informed the students about how to care for sports playing surfaces as well as home lawn care,” said Brad Taylor, Roland-Story horticulture instructor.