A Brief Look at Roland-Story Schools

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

• For their last round of Norse Strong the Mrs. Wilkinson’s fifth-graders are working on genius hour. They have projects ranging from James Arthur’s rise to fame, exploring military aircraft, to several baking projects. The kids are exploring something they are passionate about and discovering the ways math works into all areas of life.

• It’s spring, so that means Mrs. Ferrell’s LA II students may be crawling into trees as a celebration of reading “A Separate Peace.” Knowles’ classic novel about friendship sets our activity as a collaborative discussion. Students are asked to discuss essential questions, such as “Why do people do bad things?” and “Why are people reluctant to take responsibility for their bad actions?” and post responses on Canvas using specific scenes from the novel as support. Mrs. Ferrell’s Communications Lab 11 is currently reading Orwell’s class dystopian novel, “Animal Farm.” Students are expected to interpret elements of satire, irony and propaganda.

• In May, students in the elementary library will be studying aerodynamics! They will design, make and fly paper airplanes in the library.

• Middle School students in Mr. Oleson’s Norse Strong have been focusing on video clips from Jon Gordon, author of several books on positivity and positive leadership. These videos then transition to deep conversations about how to find the positives in daily life by turning negatives into positives, as well as being a positive young leader in organizations (music, school, sports, etc.). We also look at how to handle “Energy Vampires” — people who try suck the positive energy out of us. Additional conversations occur regarding the difference in talking to ourselves (positive) versus listening (negative) to our ourselves, and the difference between these two processes. We then pick one word to remember to keep strong and on track to give us intentional purpose in our daily life experiences. Feel free to YouTube Jon Gordon and watch some of his clips — great stuff for all of us to implement in our lives!

• Mr. Stover’s pre-calc students recently learned how to graph functions using polar coordinates. They will finish the school year working with sequences, series and probabilities.