A Brief Look at Roland-Story Schools

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

• In biology, Mr. Dedic’s students have begun Mendelian genetics and are working on different types of crosses using Punnet squares. After some background knowledge, students will create their own “paper pets” based on genetic probabilities using dominant and recessive traits, co-dominant traits, X-linked traits and polygenic traits. This also gives students a chance to show their creativity in what type of creature they make (as long as it conforms to the proper traits).

• Mr. Sheahan’s middle school history classes are wrapping up their early colonies unit where they learned about Roanoke Island, Jamestown, Plymouth and the Massachusetts Bay colonies. They also talked about all the struggles the colonists faced and their interactions with natives. They will spend the rest of the school year looking at what life was like in the colonies.

• Mr. Spittler’s computer applications students recently finished anti-cyberbullying posters that are displayed throughout the school. These students will finish the year by creating a breakout that will display the various digital applications they have learned. Juniors in his 21st Century Skills are currently working through a unit on personal finance and financial literacy. In addition to the in-class education, they have gone on two separate visits to local business that highlight the industry in our community, as well as seeing the various types of careers that are available.

• Fourth graders have asked Elementary Librarian, Mrs. Morris, if they can play their favorite library games one last time before they leave and head to the Middle School in the fall. Mrs. Morris says they are a great group who work hard, and they will most likely get their wish! She also says have a great summer and remember to READ!

• Language Arts IV, taught by Mrs. D-Ferrell, continues their semester of feminist criticism by reading “Fahrenheit 451.” Seniors are creating character and theme maps to explain what truths about life the four main characters teach us. In her Communications Lab 10, students are working on a non-fiction unit studying literature from the Holocaust. After reading “The Diary of Anne Frank,” sophomores watched two documentaries about the Holocaust. They will create a final project measuring how tolerant students at Roland-Story are to others’ perceived differences.