A Fond Farewell: Thanks for the Memories!

Todd Thorson, Staff Writer

It is with a heavy heart and mixed emotions that I announce my departure from the Story City Herald. After nearly 40 years of “newspapering”, the time has come to part ways from basically the only job I have ever known. It has been a long and remarkable journey, and one I will cherish for the rest of my life. I find it hard to express just how truly rewarding and fulfilling it has been being involved in the whole process of bringing the Herald to your homes each and every week.

It has been a pleasure covering Roland-Story sports, the community and all of the wonderful happenings and events that have occurred for much of my 40 years associated with the Herald. From all of my co-workers, fellow employees, community and school personnel, to the numerous coaches along the way, they have all helped make the Story City Herald the local, community newspaper that it has been for the past 45 years that my family has been associated with it. The support and understanding of my family, including my mother, my wife, my children, my friends and the entire communities of Story City and Roland, has made this job a joy to bring you the news and sports each and every week.

I have so many memories of the Herald it’s hard to recollect in this short amount of space. From my days helping my dad in the dark room developing film and photos when I was in Junior High, the hustle and bustle (and fun) of a multi-employee and busy newspaper office, and the covering of the sports off and on for so many years, to “setting type” before the computer age on the old Vari-typer, and finally taking over for my mom over 25 years ago, I will truly miss it all very much. But most of all I will miss working and associating with everyone in our great communities, including some of the finest teachers, coaches, community leaders, community members and residents one could ever come in contact with.

Changes in the newspaper publishing world has brought on many new directions and new avenues to explore. With the sudden closing of the Herald office in Story City earlier this summer, which I never thought would happen, it became apparent to me that the Herald and the other central Iowa newspapers in the GateHouse Media family, were moving toward a more streamlined operation. New personnel, new ideas and new ways of doing things were starting to take over. When you have done this job for as long as I have, you become set in your ways, and change is difficult. And so, with that, it’s time to let the “powers that be” take the next journey down the journalistic path of the future.

My only hope, however, is that the Herald continues to be a part of the Story City and Roland communities, and of the Roland-Story school system. It needs to remain a local newspaper, with local angles and local content, both current and past, that is of interest to its readers. I”m sure they will attempt to do that in the future. How they do it, and by what methods they do it, however, may be different. But the bottom line, I hope, is that it remains a “community newspaper” that local readers, parents, families and the Roland and Story City communities are interested in and can be proud of.

So, as I embark on another chapter in my life, I say farewell, and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will miss so many people I’ve met and worked with for so many years - from the many coaches and athletes who made my job so rewarding and fulfilling in covering Roland-Story sports, to the community officials and merchants, administrators, council members and Mayors, and the wonderful civic organizations that make our wonderful communities go; and the list goes on. They have all helped make the Story City Herald what it has been all these years.

It will indeed be difficult to stand along the sideline as the Herald moves forward. My routine and work schedule is undoubtedly going to change, and it will be extremely difficult to “let it all go!” But with the support and encouragement of my family and friends, as well as the community, I’m sure I’ll “find my way” down another rewarding and fulfilling path. Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be around and I’m sure I’ll see many of you “at the movies”. And now, I say so long, and thanks for the memories!

Todd Thorson