Build the truck stop and crime will come

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

Bad things happen when good people do nothing. They also happen when good people are in denial. My husband and I attended the Monday, October 20 Story City council meeting regarding the proposed truck stop on the east side of the interstate. We are strongly opposed to this truck stop. There were dozens of other concerned citizens opposed to the truck stop. A petition against the truck stop, with hundreds of signatures was presented to the council. You can still sign a petition. It seemed like many of the people who spoke for the truck stop would gain financially by the decision. My husband and I voiced our concerns.

I also spoke out for children ages 3 to 5, who cannot speak for themselves. I told the council that a highway patrol officer shared with me that 500 at large serial killers travel I-35 each day. I don’t want to encourage predators or give them a reason to stop in Story City and abduct our innocent children. Some of my former preschool students are now teenagers. I do not want them exposed to dangers and other crimes at the truck stop.

My husband and I value a safe community. The loss of one child would be too big a cost to pay. How many dollars is one child worth? Sex trafficking happens. My husband shared about his concerns about prostituion at the truck stop. He used to drive a truck. Prostitution happens at truck stops. Besides the safety and moral problems, we are also concerned about our property value going down and about traffic increasing.

Please attend the next council meeting on Monday, November 3, at 7 p.m. and voice your concerns. The meeting place is to be determined. You can call city hall at 515/733-2121 for the location.

Rich and Luella Kalvik

Story City IA