Future of the truck stop is ‘pure speculation’

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

I was excited about Story City getting a new truck stop, until I read the council minutes and last week’s (Oct. 22) Letter to the Editor in the Herald. Must be somebody in Story City that has a Crystal Ball and can see the future of the truck stop. Right now it is pure speculation.

Drugs right now are moving up and down the interstate every day of the year. Cannot say if the truck stop would increase or decrease the flow. In the early 1960s people in Story City believed their city to be drug free until a speaker at a church meeting said there was no magical ditch between Ames and Story City. Drugs were here as they are today.

The word on the street when Story City and Roland were trying to consolidate was that the Roland kids would be a bad influence for the Story City kids. That speculation was really wrong.

Concerning pollution, thousands of vehicles a day pass by Story City pumping exhaust into the air. The air in town looks pretty good. Stinks a little, but that is what to expect living in a rural community.

Human trafficking happens on a weekly basis in the parking lots by the interstate. Kids from vehicle to vehicle. Some sad, mad, or glad. Bags, blankets, even pillows in tow. This weekend shuffle has been going on for years.

And last, paying a living wage has to be deserved by preparing onesself for the job market. No skills or education, you are offering yourself as an unskilled laborer. That’s why they call them entry level jobs.

Roger Hermanson

Story City IA