Negative consequences of truck stop too long lasting

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

After weighing the many facts about the proposed Loves truck stop here in Story City, I have to conclude that the cons far outweigh the pros. I am in favor of economic growth and development for our community, but this opportunity doesn’t seem to offer a high level of return. The traffic and logistical concerns by themselves seem to scream “NO” when considering this proposal. I cannot imagine my two teenage drivers battling the daily traffic on and off of the interstate. There are already times that we sit waiting to turn onto Broad from the interstate, and I cannot imagine what adding 600 to 800 semi trucks a day will do to that already sometimes clogged area.

As far as other negatives, the pollution and potential increase in criminal activity should also be taken into account. I am not against the Loves company, but just feel that the negative consequences to our community will be too far reaching and long lasting.

I hope that our city council has seen the hundreds of signatures voicing a “NO” vote in the change of zoning and takes into consideration that many of those voices are the same that voted for them to serve on the council, to represent them and their views.

Shelly Turner

Story City, IA