News and notes from the GCC

Staff Writer
Story City Herald

—by Abby Huff, Story City GCC Executive Director

The mission of the Story City Greater Chamber Connection is to serve as a catalyst for plans, strategies, programs, and services that promote growth in our historic downtown district and surrounding businesses resulting in the best community in which to live, work, and do business.

Two weeks ago we had our annual visit with Main Street Iowa and like every year we always sit down and discuss what aspects of our organization are contributing to our mission and which we need to rethink or refocus on. The Story City GCC has been spending a lot of time on how to bring the community together and focus everyone on the goal of being the best community we can be.

Each of our four committees are working hard on different activities throughout the city. Business Improvement is working on the NEW Story City Farmers Market which is growing and prospering with the support of you the residents of Story City who are attending this event weekly and purchasing their goods fresh and local. Business Improvement is also doing a monthly get together for all of our partners. This is a chance for networking and conversation in a relaxed after work environment. Promotions Committee is getting ready for our Progressive Dinner. An event that brings all together through the love of food. This year’s theme is “Pass the Torch” and businesses will be serving up foods from around the world or down home American cuisine. Our Organization Committee is working hard at putting on the GCC annual Golf Tournament which will be held on September 30th. Finally, Design has a great fundraiser and public art project happening right now; 2X2XWho? is adding color and showcasing our local artist while also raising money for downtown beautification.

As the Executive Director of the GCC I am honored to be a part of the organization and proud of what our amazing and dedicated volunteers are accomplishing; without their hard work this organization wouldn’t be thriving. Don’t forget we are always looking for more amazing volunteers who have some great ideas for Story City and want to be involved.