Letter to the editor: Will the House impeach or not?

Richard Sternberg Roland

Two presidents have been impeached in recent U.S. history, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. What was different about those impeachments when compared to what’s happening now in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives? For both Nixon and Clinton, impeachment hearings and inquiries were held publicly so that the general populous could make up their own minds about guilt. Both political parties and presidents were allowed to call their own witnesses and include their personal attorneys, and cross exam all witnesses. The Constitution and tradition provide these opportunities for a fair and impartial trial in the House. How is that different from what’s going on right now? Well, Speaker Pelosi and her three inquiring committees led by her minion, Adam Schiff, are holding all hearings behind closed doors. No attorneys or representatives of the current president are allowed to be included. Republican members of these committees are allowed only to ask questions of witnesses. The general public has literally been closed out from the so-called impeachment process. The witnesses that are providing testimony may provide negative testimony for President Trump or positive support on this issue of his telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine. So, will the public not even get to know any of the testimony? Yes and no! Mr. Schiff regularly sees to it that the negative testimony is somehow leaked to the cooperative mainstream media. Surprise, surprise! Nothing of the supportive testimony ever gets reported by CNN or the three major networks. Thus, the negative propaganda flourishes. So again, will the House of Representatives actually vote to impeach this president? Very likely not. First of all that would require a large number of newly elected House Democrats to officially go on record for such. This would include the likes of Iowa’s Cynthia Axne and Abby Finkenauer. Second, why would they take a total House vote to impeach knowing it would fail in the Senate. Plus, this way they can continue to take advantage of this sham form of impeachment news spewed each evening by the national media. Meanwhile nothing else gets done. Time is wasting away when Congress should be dealing with health care, infrastructure, trade agreements, immigration reform, and other important overdue issues.

Richard Sternberg