R-S matmen open season with double dual, compete at Ames

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R-S matmen open season with double dual, compete at Ames

—by Peg Patterson

and Todd Thorson

Last Thursday, December 4th, the Norse wrestlers began their 2014-15 season with a double dual against Gilbert and Perry in Story City. Four ranked wrestlers were in action on this night, including the Norsemen’s own Parker Witthuhn. Parker was joined by Wyatt Rhoads from Gilbert, along with two others from Perry.

First up for the Norse was Gilbert in a Heart of Iowa Conference match up. Leading off for the Norse was Zach Anderson at 113, who recorded a 4-1 win over his opponent to get the Norse on the board. Kameron Turnbill at 120 received a forfeit. Parker Witthuhn at 126 had the first pin of the season in 2:45. Bill Joslin at 132 followed with a pin in 1:50. Back in action this season is Tyson Manzer at 138, who came up with a major win by a score of 11-2. At 145 Will Clark was pinned in 3:45, and the Norse forfeited 152 to Rhoads of Gilbert. Treyton Witthuhn was moved to 160, where he pinned his opponent in 3:16. Freshmen Aaron Gray at 170 was pinned in 50 seconds, while Paden Pugh at 182 was also pinned in 1:15. At 195 Sam Mathis is back this season after an injury kept him out of last year’s line up. He easily pinned his opponent in 1:56. The 220 match was forfeited to Gilbert. Tanner Stille was moved to 285 where he pinned his opponent in 1:44. And last, but not least, was Max Halstead at 106, who was pinned in 1:13. Final Score was R-S 43, Gilbert 36. Gilbert then wrestled Perry, with Perry winning by a score of 40-36.

The Norse then took on Perry, starting off with Parker Witthuhn at 126. This was a key match to watch, as both wrestlers were ranked; Parker at #5 and Perry's wrestler at #10. Parker held out to win an exciting 3-2 decision. Bill Joslin at 132 lost 6-3, Tyson Manzer at 138 pinned his opponent in 28 seconds, and Will Clark at 145 lost 12-0 over Perry's other ranked wrestler. Treyton Witthuhn, wrestling at 152 this time around, pinned his opponent in 1:22. The 160 match was a forfeit to Perry. At 170, Aaron Gray was pinned in 1:20, and at 182, Paden Pugh was pinned in 1:17. Sam Mathis at 195 pinned his opponent in 1:17. Tanner Stille, back down at 220 this time, followed with a pin in 1:18. The 285 and 106 matches were both forfeited by RS to Perry. At 113 Zach Anderson posted a pin in 3:46 and Kameron Turnbill at 120 was pinned in 1:58. Final score was Perry 43, R-S 33.

“The dual against Gilbert was the most important, considering that was a conference dual, and we won,” said Coach Leland Schwartz. “Saydel is a conference school as well, but this was not considered a conference dual. We’ll see them several times this year and will have chances to avenge that close loss.”

The Norsemen JV wrestlers also saw action last Thursday night. Going against Gilbert was Garrett Twedt, who was pinned in 35 seconds. Ben Olson was pinned in 3:40, and Cameron Hill was pinned in 1:59. Going against Perry's JV was Andrew Braland, who was pinned in 38 seconds in his first match and was also pinned in his second match in 23 seconds. Will Halstead had two matches and came up with two pins, one in 1:50 and the other in 1:16. Gavin Jordison pinned his opponent in 1:44, and Josh Engelby lost a close match 3-2.

With only one senior this year, eight juniors, five sophomores and seven freshmen in the lineup for the Norse, many of the wrestlers are still trying to find where they will fit in. As the younger ones get more high school wrestling experience, look for them later in the season breaking into the Varsity lineup. There are still a few holes that need to be filled, but they could all be filled by the end of the season. Good Luck to our Norse wrestlers this season as they strive to do their best!

On Saturday the Norse were in dual action in Ames where they wrestled against Ames, Norwalk and Saydel. Parker Witthuhn went 3-0 and picked up his 100th career win in the process. Congratulations to Parker on this impressive milestone! He is the 7th wrestler in Roland-Story history to reach 100 wins in a career, when he pinned his opponent from Norwalk. He is currently only nine wins away from second place on the all-time wins list. Parker has already secured second place on the school’s all-time pins list, and is only 10 pins away from breaking that record.

“As a two-time state qualifer, Parker is obviously the leader on the mat, and in his first five matches he leads the team with four pins,” commented Coach Schwartz. “His other win was an exciting decision against the 10th ranked wrester from Perry. Parker is currently fifth in 2A.”

Also going 3-0 for the day was Zach Anderson, and going 2-1 for the day were Sam Mathis and Tyson Manzer. Both Sam and Tyson are attempting comebacks after season-ending injuries last year. Sam was also a state qualifer as a freshman, and Tyson was a district qualifier as a freshman.

There were several good starts to the season so far for the Norsemen. Zach Anderson, a sophomore, and Parker, a senior, are both 5-0, while Tyson Manzer and Sam Mathis, both juniors, are 4-1. Tanner Stille is also at 3-2 thus far this season.

“Despite the four losses (out of five duals), I was pretty pleased with the way that we wrestled for our first week,” added Schwartz. “We don’t have everybody at their competition weight yet, so we didn’t have our best lineup competing. We were also missing senior Ryan Hadaway, who is out with a shoulder injury, and unfortunately might not be able to wrestle much, if at all, this season.

“We definitely have a lot of areas where we need to improve to become more competitive as a team, but we are also very inexperienced in parts of our lineup,” he continued. “It’s also tough to compete when you have open weight classes, and we were open in two or three spots in each of our first five duals.”

The Norse will be in action on Thursday at home when they host Greene County. This will be a good meet to attend and cheer on the wrestlers. Then on Friday the JV wrestlers travel to Saydel and on Saturday the Varsity will travel to Saydel for their tournament. Mark your calendars for the Norsemen Invitational tournament coming up on the 20th for the Varsity. The JV wrestlers will be in action the night before on Friday night the 19th of December.

RS 43 Gilbert 36

113 - Zach Anderson (Roland-Story) over Stephen Shuka (Gilbert) (Dec. 4-1)

120 - Kameron Turnbull (Roland-Story) over Unknown (For.)

126 - Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Brock Harris (Gilbert) (Fall 2:45)

132 - Bill Joslin (Roland-Story) over Jake Larimore (Gilbert) (Fall 1:38)

138 - Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) over Matthew Shuka (Gilbert) (MD 11-2)

145 - Stephen Moore (Gilbert) over William Clark (Roland-Story) (Fall 2:45)

152 - Wyatt Rhoads (Gilbert) over Unknown (For.)

160 - Treyton Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Noah Ante (Gilbert) (Fall 0:00)

170 - Chandler Neumann (Gilbert) over Aaron Gray (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:52)

182 - Christian Harder (Gilbert) over Paden Pugh (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:15)

195 - Sam Mathis (Roland-Story) over Chris McGuire (Gilbert) (Fall 0:00)

220 - Kelly Pierce (Gilbert) over Unknown (For.)

285 - Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) over Eli Harris (Gilbert) (Fall 2:00)

106 - Eric Davis (Gilbert) over Max Halstead (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:00)

Perry 43 RS 33

106 - Zach Thompson (Perry) over Unknown (For.)

113 - Zach Anderson (Roland-Story) over Fernando Catalan (Perry) (Fall 3:36)

120 - Kade VanKirk (Perry) over Kameron Turnbull (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:59)

126 - Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Gisaveri Niyibizi (Perry) (Dec 3-2)

132 - Ivan Garcia (Perry) over Bill Joslin (Roland-Story) (Dec 6-3)

138 - Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) over Gage Welch (Perry) (Fall 0:23)

145 - Jacob Thompson (Perry) over William Clark (Roland-Story) (MD 9-0)

152 - Treyton Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Jeffrey Argueta (Perry) (Fall 1:19)

160 - Austin Hay (Perry) over Unknown (For.)

170 - Dalton Humpal (Perry) over Aaron Gray (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:19)

182 - Tanner Darr (Perry) over Paden Pugh (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:17)

195 - Sam Mathis (Roland-Story) over Gabe Condie (Perry) (Fall 1:24)

220 - Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) over Alonzo Zarate (Perry) (Fall 1:17)

285 - Joe Olvera (Perry) over Unknown (For.)

Saturday: Ames Dual Tournament

Norwalk (3-0)

Ames (2-1)

Saydel (1-2)

RS (0-3)

Ames 54 RS 21

195 - Sam Mathis (Roland-Story) over Alex Albin (Ames) (Dec 3-0)

220 - Harrison Townsend (Ames) over Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:18)

285 - Colin Newell (Ames) over Unknown (For.)

106 - Jayden Morrison (Ames) over Unknown (For.)

113 - Zach Anderson (Roland-Story) over Lucus Holloway (Ames) (Fall 3:35)

120 - Humberto Alvarez (Ames) over Kameron Turnbull (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:30)

126 - Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Ben Rogers (Ames) (Fall 1:21)

132 - Conner Christensen (Ames) over Bill Joslin (Roland-Story) (Dec 7-5)

138 - Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) over Terrell Ford (Ames) (Fall 1:29)

145 - Justus Robeson (Ames) over William Clark (Roland-Story) (Dec 6-0)

152 - Marcus Coleman (Ames) over Treyton Witthuhn (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:33)

160 - Ben Joerger (Ames) over Unknown (For.)

170 - Caleb Rogers (Ames) over Aaron Gray (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:30)

182 - Jon Blakely (Ames) over Paden Pugh (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:44)

Say 40 RS 32

106 - Klayton Keller (Saydel) over Unknown (For.)

113 - Zach Anderson (Roland-Story) over Trey Moen (Saydel) (MD 8-0)

120 - Cory Harden (Saydel) over Kameron Turnbull (Roland-Story) (Fall 5:00)

126 - Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Devon Van Houten (Saydel) (Fall 0:45)

132 - Bill Joslin (Roland-Story) over Bryce Camp (Saydel) (MD 14-4)

138 - Austin Moen (Saydel) over Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) (TF 19-4 4:52)

145 - Grant Sherman (Saydel) over William Clark (Roland-Story) (TF 21-6 5:51)

152 - Marshall Anderson (Saydel) over Treyton Witthuhn (Roland-Story) (Fall 3:14)

160 - Dylan Coffin (Saydel) over Unknown (For.)

170 - Trevor Sprague (Saydel) over Maverick Larson (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:37)

182 - Aaron Gray (Roland-Story) over Unknown (For.)

195 - Sam Mathis (Roland-Story) over Hunter Jesse (Saydel) (Fall 2:44)

220 - Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) over Unknown (For.)

285 - Double Forfeit

Norwalk 60 RS 12

285 - Trystan Minnis (Norwalk) over Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:06)

106 - Alanah Vetterick (Norwalk) over Unknown (For.)

113 - Zach Anderson (Roland-Story) over Cody Lehman (Norwalk) (SV-1 9-7)

120 - Tyler Hirl (Norwalk) over Kameron Turnbull (Roland-Story) (Fall 1:17)

126 - Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) over Chase Fouts (Norwalk) (Fall 3:48)

132 - Dylan DeFreece (Norwalk) over Bill Joslin (Roland-Story) (Fall 4:38)

138 - Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) over Alan Moore (Norwalk) (Dec 6-2)

145 - Caleb Rees (Norwalk) over William Clark (Roland-Story) (Fall 5:04)

152 - Jesse Cowie (Norwalk) over Treyton Witthuhn (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:45)

160 - Logan Foetisch (Norwalk) over Unknown (For.)

170 - Blake Hoover (Norwalk) over Paden Pugh (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:34)

182 - Zach Kelley (Norwalk) over Maverick Larson (Roland-Story) (Fall 0:57)

195 - Jake Seely (Norwalk) over Sam Mathis (Roland-Story) (Fall 3:30)

220 - Double Forfeit